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News from 1998

Old news
31/12/98 Quantum 3D Obsidian S-12 Voodoo2 cards with TV out now in stock.

Mindflux will be closed from the 4th to 15th of January.
Best wishes to everyone in the new year.

8/12/98 New pricing announced for many Voodoo2 cards.

Wicked3D eyeSCREAM product due before Christmas. Allows the H3D glasses to be used with ANY Voodoo2 with the entire range of available games (unofficially over 200) and additional resolutions up to 1024x1024 in SLI!

4/12/98 R4 Force Wheel in stock. Check back soon for the specs or visit http://www.saitek.com

Patch for America's Toughest 18 available for download. For both mouse and Swing Simulator users.

2/12/98 i-glasses tracker is available again in limited quantities. This tracker can be used on its own with any HMD or shutterglasses.
18/11/98 Information about the new XGA XL35 and XL50 have been added. True 1024x768 resolution with 2.3 million pixels!
16/11/98 Information on new 5DT glove added. Wireless version also available.
9/11/98 Information on new Kaiser Electro-Optics ProView 30 and ProView 60 Professional HMDs added.
7/11/98 Information on new Sony Glasstron PLM-S700 added.
5/11/98 Information on new Intersense InterTrax added.
4/11/98 Information on new Sony Glasstron PLM-A55 added.
3/11/98 New pricing and new products have been announced. Check out the products page.

Wicked3D Vengeance (3Dfx Banshee) has been released. Over 160+ H3D games playable with the Wicked3D cards! Blood 2 and Shogo: MAD look incredible!!

Saitek R4 Force wheel available soon.

The Brightland Stereoscopic viewer for H3D Eyewear is out! It lets you view any JPS or interlaced picture in amazing 3D.

12/10/98 Information about the Wicked3D Voodoo2 and the i-glasses S-video has been updated.

The new Win98 drivers for the VFX1 Headgear have been released.
9/10/98 Wicked3D card that supports 1024x672 or 1024x1024 in SLI now available!! Also support 120+ of the latest games. Almost all the latest Direct3D, Glide and Open GL games can be used like Quake2, Unreal, NFS3, Jedi Knight, G-Police, Incoming, Turok etc. all work!

More new products announced and new pricing released.
Dealer pricing updated. More information on new products to be added soon.

16/9/98 New products announced and new pricing released.
9/9/98 The PC version of the i-glasses will not be available in the near future. We will inform you when you can purchase it again.

More reviews of the H3D glasses added.

26/8/98 A cartoon about the H3D glasses by Rowan "Sumaleth" Crawford. New H3D supported games released by Wicked 3D, there are over 100 games now. More reviews added and more to come. Watch this space for more info about the Wicked 3D.

InterTrax headtracking units now available as standalone units.

19/8/98 More reviews of the H3D including the review from the latest issue of PC Powerplay (September).
5/8/98 Sin Demo supports the H3D natively with the choppergun popping out of the screen! Notes on setting Sin up with the H3D.
27/7/98 Voodoo2 drivers available for the H3D glasses and 50+ games supported by the H3D Eyewear with the Wicked3D drivers including Unreal, Tom Raider II, Forsaken, Incoming, Jedi Knight and more! See the Press Release at www.h3dmedia.com and www.wicked3d.com for a list of games and how to set it up.

Quake2 font for use with H3D eyewear. v3.17 does not require the font.
13/7/98 Digital Edge F1 Sim and F1 Sim Compacts back in stock.

Virtuality InterTrax and Scuba units now available.

1/7/98 Canopus Pure 3D II 12Mb, Canopus Pure 3D II LX 12Mb  and Pure 3D LX 6Mb cards are available now.
20/6/98 America's Toughest 18 (from Roadshow Interactive) is about to be released and supports our Virtual Golf products! Drivers and utilities for the golf systems now downloadable. Access Software expects Links LS99 to support the golf systems.
17/6/98 Some information about the new VFX3D has been released. It is expected 4Q98. The specifications may change before release.
1/6/98 The new wireless H3D Eyewear System is available. Use it with Voodoo and Voodoo2 cards at up to 1024x768!

The new Virtuality Trak specs have been released at http://www.virtuality.com. Pricing to be released soon.
11/5/98 Righteous 3D II 12Mb available now! Get two for scan-line interleaving (SLI) and you'll have 1024x768 resolution in Quake2!!
28/4/98 Righteous 3D II information added. Price drop on Righteous 3D. A new review of the F1 Sim Compact added. Some new products added.
9/4/98 A complete set of the DirectX drivers and the Software Development Kit (SDK), including all libraries are finally available for the i-glasses! Thanks to Ken Hawkins for his hard work!
2/4/98 DirectX 3.0 driver for the i-glasses available .
1/4/98 Small numbers of Creative 3D Blaster Voodoo2 12Mb available 1st April. Quantities of 8Mb and 12Mb versions available 6th April .
(No this is not an April Fools Day joke).

Search engine improved and operational.
31/3/98 Due to an ISP upgrade of our web server, the search engine, all forms and all password protected areas are inoperative. All facilities will be restored within a few days.
30/3/98 More i-glasses PC drivers available. DirectX 3.0 drivers soon to follow!
23/3/98 More reviews of the F1 Sim have been added. F1 Sim Compact's thumbnails fixed.
21/3/98 i-glasses PC drivers and games list updated
16/3/98 Creative 3D Blaster Voodoo 2 12Mb immediate sell out! Small numbers were available but sold out immediately. New stock due towards the end of the month.

F1 Sim Compacts available now but stocks are limited! All reviews of the F1 Sim have been updated.

VFX1 games list updated with new supported games like Flight Unlimited 2, Mysteries of the Sith, Malice and more.
16/2/98 The Digital Edge F1 Sim, F1 Sim Compact, Canopus Pure 3D and Apocalypse 5D, 5D Sonic & 3Dx pages have been updated. See the Products page for the latest pricing.

The Gravis Ultrasound PnP is no longer being sold due to Gravis' decision to cease production of their soundcards.
Limited stock of the Ultrasound ACE is still available.
20/1/98 New v2.15 VFX1 driver with support for puck chording ie. allows Cyberpuck multi-button combinations to be used such as in Jedi Knight, Quake II, Hexen II and Winquake.
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