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Virtual Reality, in its purest form, is a technology which allows the user to be immersed in a computer generated world which they can interact with. It has come a long way in the last 14 years when even then you could be immersed in an interactive, 360 degree environment.  Hardware has been streamlined and improved considerably, enabling you to even feel what you may be touching in the virtual world.  Software has moved on with techniques such as texture mapping and importing video into the computer generated world being old news now.  This in turn makes for much more realistic worlds to be created and immersed in. We at Mindflux and Phrixus Technologies are at the cutting edge of this now very real world.



Mindflux is a supplier of Virtual Reality (VR) equipment, including head-mounted displays, head and body tracking equipment, tactile gloves, controllers and software for Government, Military, Medical, Educational and consumer markets. We also provide stereoscopic 3D production services, presentation and display equipment for the Corporate market.

We are the distributors of a range of products including:

  • Daeyang i-Visor and i-Visor 3D;
  • Ascension's range of 3DOF and 6DOF trackers;
  • IIS VFX3D and Cyberpuck controller;
  • Stereographics' line of CrystalEyes and Z-screens;
  • Intersense InterTrax2, IS-300, IS-600 and IS-900 range of tracking products;
  • Virtual Technologies Cyberglove and CyberForce tactile gloves;
  • i-O Displays I-glasses SVGA, SVGA 3D, HRV and HRV Pro;
  • Fifth Dimension Data Glove 5 and 16 / MRI,

and a whole range of stereoscopic 3D viewing and recording equipment.

We service a network of resellers statewide, as well as sub-distributors nationwide. This dealer network consists in the majority of experienced computers sales and service personnel. Our products are fully serviced by our technical staff, to ensure that our products are fully supported, both in a technical and sales/marketing sense.

Registered Mindflux dealers may visit our Reseller page for the latest information and pricing. If you are not currently a Mindflux dealer then please fill in the application form and we will register you as soon as possible. Information about our products can be found, at our Products page.



Mindflux partners with Phrixus Technologies, who together provide and project manage partial or total virtual reality solutions to fit many different requirements and budgets.  Mindflux has been supplying virtual reality products for over 10 years.  When this is coupled with the expertise of the people at Phrixus Technologies who in turn have over 12 years experience in all areas of virtual reality each, not collectively, the solutions provided rival many which may be available today and even some which arenít!!

Solutions can be provided for many projects in many industries:

  • Walk through a building or complex before it is even built either to view or even changing structures or placement as you go. 

  • Walk with dinosaurs or swim with fish, be part of a medieval world or even learn how to split the atom by making it happen yourself. 

  • Learn many procedures without making dangerous or expensive mistakes in many industries from medical, transport and logistics through to mining, manufacturing and even military. 

  • Learn to face fears and phobias feeling safe and secure. Advertise your product in such an interactive and exciting way. 

  • Train your tennis stroke or football prowess without having to leave the classroom. 

Or simply have fun playing virtual games either fantasy or this reality, such as golf, cricket or football!!  The list is endless and is only restricted by your imagination.

We at Mindflux and Phrixus Technologies will consult with you and work your ideas through to reality.  There are so many solutions from the very simple and effective to the complex and ingenious!  Partial or total solutions, whatever you require, we can provide the best solution for you. Even if you just want advice, we are happy to discuss ideas and try to help with no obligation.

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