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H3D Eyewear

The H3D transmitter and Eyewear



H3D Entertainment delivers 3D
Many graphics cards promise a 3D experience. The H3D Eyewear System delivers on that promise, big time. With hardware from H3D Entertainment, and H3D-enabled content from your favorite PC game companies, websites*, and Hollywood studios, you’ll get an experience that will blow you away!

An incredible visual experience!
Ways to think about H3D are like a 3D IMAX™ movie, or Disney’s Captain Eo, or a View Master™ with motion. With H3D eyewear and compatible software, you'll think that you can touch the images leaping out of your PC!

Hot content with the latest 3Dfx and Rendition games!
Don’t want to play 1994’s PC games? Neither do we!
H3D Entertainment brings you the videos/DVD*, websites* and the hottest H3D-enabled PC games including Quake, Quake 2, Andretti Racing and soon Daikatana, Sin, Triple Play ’99, Ultima 9, Heretic 2 and more!

With the Wicked3D Voodoo2 you can play over 120 of the latest games like
Unreal, Jedi Knight, Need for Speed III, Plane Crazy, Forsaken, Incoming, G-Police, Turok and more!

Combine the glasses with 3Dfx, Rendition or other 3D accelerators for faster framerates and the most incredible experience! The refresh rates (up to 150Hz) of the high quality H3D-enabled content make eyestrain and headaches a thing of the past.

Easy installation, easy to use
Just plug in the adapter and transmitter, slip on the eyewear and you’re ready to start playing H3D enabled games. There are no cards to install, dip switches to set, or interrupts to adjust. TV* installation is as simple as a VCR or video game. H3D works with all the home entertainment equipment you own today—PC games, the Internet*, and TV*.

Quality H3D hardware products
H3D Eyewear boasts features that make the H3D experience the best. They are unobtrusive—small, lightweight, comfortable and completely adjustable. And there is no cumbersome cable tying you to your PC or TV*. And since it's wireless you can use as many glasses as you can fit people around a monitor!

Australian compatibilty
Those of you that have visited H3D Entertainment's web site will know that they sell two versions: US and European. These units require an additional powerpack and pin adaptor respectively. Mindflux provides a tried and tested powerpack for use with the H3D Eyewear as part of a complete package.

There is no need to purchase a special monitor, graphics card, or other additional equipment.

* TV adaptor and Internet website support due 3Q 1998

Here is a cartoon from Rowan "Sumaleth" Crawford about the H3D glasses. He is half of the team with Ryan "Ridah" Feltrin that developed Erasor bot (the fantastic bot engine for Quake II).


H3D in use


Play the best games with eye-popping stereoscopic 3D imagery Resolutions up to 1024 x 768
Wireless, extremely light and are designed for extended use Refresh rates up to 150Hz even with 2D cards
Additional glasses available for multi-user gameplay Supports the latest 3Dfx (Voodoo & Voodoo 2)  and Rendition chipsets for super-fast framerates and 24-bit colour
Plug and play installation -
No serial or parallel ports used
Internet and TV support soon
Major software support from software publishers like id Software, Electonic Arts and Ion Storm with new titles like Quake, Quake2, Andretti Racing, Sin and more. With the Wicked3D Voodoo2 and their Wicked Vision drivers, you can play over 160 games in stereoscopic 3D. Additional games like Shogo:MAD, Blood2, Unreal, Jedi Knight, Need for Speed, Tomb Raider, Turok, Plane Crazy and more.
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