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Digital Edge - The Best Quality, No Compromise

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Digital Edge F1 Sim

F1 Sim Steering Wheel and Pedals




If you have ever dreamed of driving at speeds of over 300 kph in a formula One car and testing your skills amongst the worlds elite; at last...the dream has become a reality.

The F1 SIM is a precision engineered product designed and tested by race drivers. It provides virtual race reality from your PC. F1 SIM complements existing race software such as F1 Grand Prix, it's the perfect companion to Microprose GRAND PRIX 2 or any other car simulation software.

The unbeatable F1 SIM has a genuine Formula One steering wheel and pedal system. Each unit is built by hand using durable coated steel and the highest quality componentry. The F1 SIM provides a level of driving experience not previously available with a joystick or other wheel and pedal systems. Built without compromise to be the very best.


F1 Sim Gear Shift

Gear change LEDs

F1 Sim Base

F1 race styled metal pedals fitted with a range of adjustments, tuning and brake "realism" features

Gears: F1 styled gear paddles for semi auto gear changes built into steering column
Genuine hand-stitched 10" Mountney race steering wheel supplied as standard Four colour LED gear change indicator
F1 style steering column unit and mounted base Self-centring steering and torque action with race-like quick release steering mechanism
Push buttons for quick gear down change and Pit Lane speed control Authentic styling and industrial quality metal construction
Unique "Stay on" quick release mounting system fits on any flat surface Fits into an actual F1 race car body shell
F1 Sim Pedals - steel
F1 Sim Wheel - leather
F1 Sim Button


Options (Optional extras not available at present)
Force feedback to provide tactile feedback through the steering
VMS (Virtual Movement Simulator) provides realistic torque feedback through the steering
Virtual Clutch Sim - additional clutch pedal for manual gear changing
Optional steering wheel designs available
F1 Race Car Cockpit - life-size front-half bodyshell of genuine F1 car design
(approximately $3000)


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