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News from 2001

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29/12/01 Information about the Nu-View SX2000 and the H3D Video Eyewear has been added. Now you can record your own 3D videos using your camcorder. Weddings, birthdays, parties all in eye-popping 3D!
20/12/01 The price of the Cy-Visor DH4400VP has been dropped to $2199.

Stereoscopic 3D NTSC IMAX DVDs are now available and can be viewed on computer or NTSC compatible DVDs with NTSC TV.
Please note that NTSC to PAL converters will not work.

12/12/01 NVidia have just released their latest Stereoscopic drivers for XP/2000 and updated the existing drivers for those with 95/98/ME. They support the 3D Revelator and Eyeforce 3D. but not the H3D glasses as they do not support page-flipping.

Mindflux will be closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year's Day but will open limited hours in between. We will still be available on our usual contact numbers. Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!

25/10/01 The F1 Simulator together with the Cy-Visor, i-glasses and Eyeforce 3D shutterglasses are on display at Honda Indy 300 on the Gold Coast.
See them at the GCI Motor Expo at the Gold Coast International Hotel, 26 28 October 2001. Stand 14, Cnr Gold Coast Highway & Staghorn Ave, Surfers Paradise, QLD. Tel 07-5584-1200
6/10/01 The new Olympus FMD-20P $1499 and FMD-250W $3199 are now available.
14/8/01 The VFX3D was on the news recently and Les Posen kindly provided us with the link to his page which contains the clip. It is a Quicktime file which demonstrates the use of the VFX3D as 'Virtual Therapy' for treatment of anxieties such as fear of flying, heights and other situations. http://homepage.mac.com/lesposen/iMovieTheater1.html 

Research published in JADA (Journal of the American Dental Association) showed that use of a headset during dental treatment was 'beneficial in the reduction of fear, pain and procedure time'. 
Effects of Audiovisual Distraction During Dental Prophylaxis
Frere C.L., Crout R., Yorty J., McNeil D.W.
JADA The Journal of the American Dental Association, July 2001, vol. 132, no. 7,pp. 1031-1038 (8 pages)

23/7/01 The price of the Cy-Visor has been reduced to $2499 due to price savings from the larger quantities we've been ordering. If you've been waiting for a good reason to get them, now is the time.
14/6/01 The Olympus Eye-Trek FMD-200 is now available at $1499. Wear it like a pair of glasses, no headstrap and very light.
8/6/01 nVidia have just released their own Stereo 3D gaming drivers which natively supports the H3D, 3D Revelator and Eyeforce glasses! Works with 100's of Direct 3D and Open GL games! Works with all nVidia based chipsets including TNT, TNT2, Vanta, Quadro, GeForce, GeForce2 and GeForce3! Get the drivers here!
29/5/01 The C-Pen now supports Macintosh. Get the latest drivers from http://www.cpen.com/mac/.
27/5/01 Information about the Eyeforce added. 
25/5/01 New drivers for viewing QuicktimeVR and IPIX files with the VFX3D. MAXimum 3D drivers to use the VFX3D with 3D Studio Max. New beta drivers for Win 2000 as well.
17/5/01 itv|world have reviewed the Cy-Visor and the Eyeforce. Have a look at the news report at http://telstra.com/technology/hotstuff.html. It will be available until the 23/5/01.
3/5/01 Thank you to everyone that visited our stand at the CE Show. And apologies to everyone that did not get to try out the equipment because of the queues. Due to the enormous interest that we received we are going to maintain the show prices for the next two weeks unless stocks run out.

To those that we still have to catch up with, please excuse us. We are trying to attend to everyone's enquiries as best we can.

24/4/01 Mindflux has moved to a bigger stand for the Consumer Electronics Show. We are now at Stand 408, between Halls 3 and 4. 
23/4/01 Specials on for the Consumer Electronics Show:
VFX3D $3799, Cy-visor $2499, DVP-F5 $789.

Giveaways: 3D Website Builder, Soldier of Fortune and others.

5/4/01 Mindflux will be exhibiting at Stand 318-S of the Consumer Electronics Show from the 26th to 29th of April 2001. It will be a big event and we will have the VFX3D, Cy-Visor, i-glasses and the latest shutterglasses on display. A Virtuality system and a F1 Simulator will be nearby as well. Call us to get a free ticket!
7/3/01 Sony has finally discontinued production of the Sony Glasstron PLM-S700E. It was a fantastic headset and we are sad to see it go.

Fortunately, we are proud to announce that we have secured the Australian distributorship for the Daeyang E&C Cy-Visor DH-4400VP HMD. This headset has 800x600 resolution and accepts NTSC/SECAM/PAL/SVGA input! It is the new kid on the block and is bound to turn some heads! RRP $2699.

18/1/01 Information about the Virtual Technologies, Inc. CyberGlove, tactile feedback CyberTouch, force-feedback CyberGrasp and the arm/hand 'desktop' force-feeback CyberForce system added.
4/1/01 New USB Infrared adaptors are now available for those that can't spare a serial port, as well as Infrared adaptors for IrDA motherboards

These adaptors let you change the logos, icons and tones on the latest IrDA compatible phones like the Nokia 6210, 7110, 8210, 8850 and 9210 and Ericsson R320s or DI28/DI27 with compatible phones.
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