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News from 2000

Latest news
30/11/00 The VFX3D will be featured on FoxKids on Foxtel on 17th December 2000. It should be good for anyone wanting to see the unit in action. 
11/10/00 The ProView range of head-mounted displays from Kaiser Electro-optics has been discontinued. Current orders will still be filled. The XL range of headsets are still available and new 800x600 units are expected in the short term. 
5/9/00 The C-Pen 600 Limited Edition is now available. It retails for $499 inc.GST and INCLUDES the Actisys IR220L adaptor! It has the entire Olympic Timetable built-in, Olympic transport timetables and some of Sydney's highlights! Get your orders in now as stocks are limited.

The RRP of the C-Pen 200 has be reduced to $249. There's no time like the present to get a C-Pen.

Mindflux will be closed 11-15th of September be will re-open for the Olympic period.
25/8/00 New additions have been made to the Products page.

Mindflux will be open odd hours during the Olympic period. Although we might not always be in the office, please continue to phone or email and we will respond as soon as possible. 
Good luck to all our Olympic Athletes!!
3/8/00 InterTrax2 information updated 
22/7/00 Mindflux has just been appointed the Australia/NZ distributors of Virtual Technologies Inc.
We are pleased to also announce that until the end of September, there is a 20% discount on single or multiple units of the CyberGlove, CyberTouch and CyberGrasp. Take advantage of this first-ever price promotion across the while VTi line! 
17/7/00 Olympus Eye-trek FMD-200 and FMD-700 to be available soon. Pre-orders are welcome.
4/7/00 Information of the 3D Revelator added.

The 3D Revelator was reviewed in Cutting Edge p.9, The Australian IT, July 4 2000.

2/7/00 Retail pricing of our products has been adjusted for GST. In accordance with ACCC pricing guidelines. As such, our retail pricing is INCLUSIVE of GST, while dealer pricing is EXCLUSIVE of GST. Any cost savings forwarded to Mindflux by our suppliers will be passed on to our customers.

Most prices have come down slightly although some have risen due to overseas price changes and changes in the exchange rate

6/6/00 The stereoscopic version of the Glasstron, LDI-D100BE is no longer available. A minimum quantity order of 50 is required before another production run can begin. We do have standing orders from interested parties, but no guarantee regarding delivery can be made. Please let us know if you are genuinely interested in purchasing.

Mindflux will continue to carry stock of the PLM-S700E until the end of the year. Small numbers of the LDI-100BEs will be available as well. The prices of the PLM-S700E and the LDI-100BE have been reduced. They are now $4499 and $4399 respectively.

25/5/00 Australia is switching to a new tax system from July 1. The new tax is called the Goods and Services Tax (GST). It is a 10% tax applicable to all our hardware, software and service fees.

This will eliminate many unseen taxes and represent a small decrease in price for domestic customers. All our pricing will be exclusive of GST and price changes will be reflected in all our price lists.
Overseas customers are NOT charged the GST.
24/5/00 New Terminator and Cruiser shutterglasses to be available soon. These are redesigned H3D eyeSCREAM glasses and transmitters. More information to be added soon.

Intersense InterTrax 2 tracker have now gone USB. Half the size and weight of the original, with twice the number of sensors!
- Special pricing is being offered to all institutions that pre-order before the end of June of $1499 inc. GST. 
- InterTrax customers will be able to trade in their InterTrax for an InterTrax 2 for $1250 inc. GST 

The new InterTrax 2 will be $1995 inc. GST
They will be available in end-June/early-July.

5/5/00 VFX3D Information updated and Specifications updated.

i-glasses LC information added
22/4/00 Apologies for the lack of updates but Frontpage 2000 had severe problems. Hopefully these problems are behind us and the site will be updated much more frequently.

Information on the C-Pen 800 is now available. Stock arrives this week.

23/3/00 i-glasses LC now available

C-Pen 800 has been announced.


VFX3D now available!

3D Revelator now back in stock!

Metabyte Wicked3D CDs back in stock!

Apologies to everyone that has tried to contact us lately. We have been overwhelmed since we re-opened. Please be patient and we will contact everyone ASAP.


Welcome to the new year. Hope that everyone had a great festive season.

Just released is the new
C Pen 600 which has 6Mb of RAM and a FREE dictionary! It has all the award-winning C Pen functions and stores 2000 pages and 1000 contacts.
Meghead will have stock of this pen while we are closed.

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