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News from 1997

Press Releases
27/10/97 Play Virtual Golf with Johnny Walker and win a free trip to Phuket, Thailand!

Old news
17/12/97 Stereoscopic Quake & Hexen II drivers released for the SimulEyes! Drivers available for both DOS and WinQuake. Supports Quake Total Conversions [X-Men] and add-on missions too!
14/12/97 New Quake II driver released for the VFX1 Headgear
20/11/97 Information on the i-glasses! VTV and VPC, as well as the Gravis Ultrasound cards is now available

Dentists can see how the i-glasses! are being used as an effective dental distraction device

X-Men : Ravages of Apocalypse is an excellent Total Conversion compatible with the Forte VFX1 and looks fantastic in stereoscopic 3D (use the same console commands as in stereoscopic 3D Quake)

12/11/97 Play Virtual Golf with Johnny Walker and win a free trip to Phuket, Thailand! [Final timetables announced]
6/11/97 The SWISH-E search engine is up and running, so search for your favourite device or game on our website
27/10/97 New v4.75 SpaceOrb 360 driver (includes Hexen II support) and Jedi Knight driver out
25/10/97 Official Jedi Knight, Hexen II (stereoscopic) and Winquake support for the VFX1 - requires at least v2.14 VFX1 drivers
7/10/97 VFX1 software list and SpaceOrb 360 software list updated
24/9/97 SpaceOrb 360 software list updated
23/9/97 ThemeKit MindRender VREK and demos now available
17/9/97 Gallery updated with new stereoscopic pictures
16/9/97 Newsflash: Stereoscopic 3D Quake!
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