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ProViewTM XL50 Head-Mounted Display

ProView XL front view




The XL50 is the newest addition to the ProView™ family of head-mounted displays. It features full-color XGA performance for those demanding tasks that require ultra-high resolution stereo imagery.

The ProView™ XL50 incorporates Kaiser Electro-Optics’ (KEO) proprietary technology to achieve unparalleled color performance and high contrast ratio. The expanded color gamut really sets it apart from other display systems.

The optical modules are mounted on the same comfort-fit headband system used on all ProView™ HMDs.


ProView side view


  • Virtual Environments
  • Simulation and Training
  • Augmented Reality
  • Command and Control
  • 3D Visualization
  • Flight Training
  • Portable Computing
  • Computer Training
  • CAD/CAM Display


Designed for the Professional User
Full-Colour True-Color, XGA Resolution
100% Overlap
Autosense Logic for Stereo or Monoscopic Viewing
Hi-Fi Stereo Sound
"Comfort-Fit" Headband
Compatible with Eyeglasses
Rugged and Durable
Full Range of Adjustments
High Contrast and Brightness
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DISPLAY Type LCD Full color, active matrix TFT, high speed polysilicon LCDs, XGA Resolution (1024 x 768) XGA resolution is 1024 horizontal pixels by 768 vertical lines
Resolution/Eye 2.34 arcmin/color group
Brightness 5-50 fL (adjustable)
Contrast 40:1
OPTICAL Field of View 50 diagonal, 30 (V) x 40 (H)
Transmission Non see through
Optics Color-corrected, aspheric refractive lens - independent optical paths for each eye
Eye Relief Eyeglasses compatible
Exit Pupil Non pupil forming
Overlap 100%
Stereo/Mono Yes
Color Coordinates Red: u’ = 0.5099 v’ = 0.5228
Green u’ = 0.1033 v’ = 0.5774
Blue u’ = 0.1314 v’ = 0.2250
MECHANICAL IPD Independent left/right
IPD Range 55 - 75mm
HMD Weight 36 ounces
Headtracker Accommodates magnetic or inertial tracker sensors
CONTROL UNIT Video Inputs One or two XGA 1024 x 768, H&V – TTL, Analog 0.7 V P-P, 75 ohms, 60 Hz video inputs Autosense for stereoscopic or monoscopic operation
Horizontal Scan Rate(FH) 48.363 kHz
Vertical Scan Rate 60.004 Hz
Genlocked Inputs Independent phased locked loops for left and right eye
Cable Length 20 feet
Video Outputs 2 XGA video loops to display monitor
Controls Audio adjust
Indicators (LED) Power on/off
Connectors Video in
VGA, 15 pin DA, female, (video in) 2 sets
VGA, 15 pin DA, female, (video out for monitor) 2
BNC barrel connectors, RGB H&V, (video in) 2 sets
RCA connectors, (stereo audio com pass through) 2 sets
(Cables are not provided to either video or audio connectors)
Power 85 - 264 VAC, 47 - 440 Hz, 25W (power cable included)
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