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H3D Eyewear

The H3D transmitter and Eyewear



No software is currently included with the H3D Eyewear.


Compatible Games

Game Developer Publisher Downloads Readme Hardware
Andretti Racing EA Sports EA 20/3/98 1.4Mb Andretti Overview 3Dfx
Quake 1 (GL) id software GT Interactive 7/5/98 1.2Mb Quake notes 3Dfx
Quake 1 (V) id software GT Interactive 23/12/97 1.4Mb Add-on notes Rendition V1000
Quake 1 (DOS) id software GT Interactive 20/3/98 830kb Add-on notes Works with all 2D cards.
All Quake Mission Packs and Total Conversions eg. Malice and X-Men     Quake Patch Add-on notes  
Quake 2 id software Activision 7/5/98 1Mb Quake 2 notes 3Dfx/Rendition
Quake 2 Mission Pack: The Reckoning, Juggernaut (Q2 Pack), Q2Files (Q2 Pack)     Quake 2 Patch

Quake 2  Voodoo2 patch
Quake 2 notes  
Hexen II Raven GT Interactive Quake Patch Quake notes 3Dfx
Hexen II Mission pack: Portal of Praevus Raven GT Interactive Quake Patch Add-on notes 3Dfx
Sin (demo) Ritual Activision Quake 2 Patch

Quake 2  Voodoo2 patch
Sin notes 3Dfx/Rendition

160+ games available if you have a Wicked3D board with
WickedVision drivers. And almost any game that supports Direct3D, Glide or OpenGL is supported!


3D Accelerator boards support

Game\3D card

Voodoo Voodoo Rush Voodoo2 Rendition V2x00

Rendition V1000

GLQuake Yes Yes Yes    
Quake 2
and all mission packs and conversions
Yes Yes Yes Yes
VQuake No No No No Yes
Quake add-ons inc.
Mission Pack 1 & 2, X-Men, Malice
Yes Yes  Yes   Yes


Andretti Racing Yes Yes      
Sin (demo) Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Heretic 2 (demo) Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Nuclear Strike Yes Yes Yes Yes  
GlDOOM TBA        


Upcoming Games

Game Developer Publisher Release date Platform
Daikatana Ion Storm Eidos 3Q98 3Dfx/Rendition
Heretic 2 Raven Activision H3D enabled demo available now 3Dfx/Rendition
Nuclear Strike EA SM EA 2Q98 Glide (3Dfx)
Sin Ritual Activision 2Q98. H3D enabled demo available now. 3Dfx/Rendition
Triple Play '99 EA Sports EA 2Q98 Glide (3Dfx)
USNF '97 Jane's EA 3/98 D3D
Ultima 9 Origin EA 2Q98 Glide (3Dfx)


* h3dvinst.exe - the Brightland H3D Viewer that lets you view JPS and interlaced stereo pictures. Allows you to crop and save as well. [1.2Mb].
* nukestrikeh3d.zip - the H3D patch for EA's Nuclear Strike [1.54Mb].
* h3d_solar.zip - Rotating balls that pop out of the screen. A must see for everyone [51k].
* h3dv2only.zip - Voodoo2 driver includes Glide beta 2.54 and the new build of NT(for Voodoo2 only) [423k].
* h3d_font.zip - Quake 2 font for use with the H3D Eyewear [6k].
* wicked3dv28.exe - v2.8 of the Wicked3D drivers for use with the Wicked3D card. Mainly SLI bug fixes. [3.6Mb].
* wicked3dv26.exe - v2.6 of the Wicked3D drivers for use with the Wicked3D card. Fixes problems with the beta and allows H3D use with over 120 games! [3.27Mb].
* ver2b1.zip - Wicked3D drivers for use with the Wicked3D card. Enables H3D use with Unreal, Forsaken, Incoming, Jedi Knight etc. Other Voodoo2 cards can play some games in H3D. Use these drivers at your own risk [1.86Mb].
* h3dwinq.exe - H3D Winquake drivers for Windows or NT users [539k].
Puts the screen into interlaced mode meaning that all interlaced Win95 software and interlaced pictures (eg. Gallery) can be seen in 3D.
Read this review for instructions on use.
* h3dwqadd.exe - Adds nice features to H3D Winquake like extra messages "Player stepped on his H3D Eyewear" when killed  [300k].
* Glide 2.45 - required for use with the H3D Eyewear [937k]. Important info.
* MiniGL 1.2 Beta - beta drivers to use Quake 2 with the Voodoo2 chipset [133k]. Important info.


H3D has come up with a extremely cool system which allows you to see real depth in your normal PC monitor. The great thing about this system is that it works with the current top of 3D accelerators: the 3Dfx Voodoo chipsets.. At a price below $130 this is a "must have" for the die hard Quakers...The H3D system is Fast Graphics recommended

...H3D Eyewear is the only way to experience many of today's games in true (stereoscopic) 3D...My recommendation? If you want to experience Quake and Quake II in 3D, or know someone who would, H3D Eyewear is literally the only way to go. Remember, Christmas is right around the corner...

NiNe's Rendition Quake and Quake2 Workshop (Nov 12, 1998)

[H3D glasses] provide the best effect we've seen yet from a set of 3D glasses.
Hyper (September 1998)

The effect is truly impressive. I tried the glasses in Quake II and suffice to say it wasn’t long before the rest of the office was lining up to have a go...In a dark room with a positional 3D sound card up on high volume, the sensation is overwhelming...
PC Authority (September 1998)

6 Drool drops out of 5!!

Drool dropDrool dropDrool dropDrool dropDrool dropDrool drop
About the only word people have that see this in action, along with buckets of drool oozing from their mouths, is "WOW!"   We here at Gamers Depot, were floored as we saw games like Quake2 literally jump out of the monitor at us! ...we must give it a 6 Drool-Drop award, which is over the 5 drop limit! Need I say anymore?
Gamers Depot
(September 1998)

PCME Rating : 94%
I've been pretty impressed with the glasses alone. I've had a pair for a while now and the native support for Quake and Quake II on other Voodoo 2 boards is pretty cool, but pairing up a Wicked 3D with these glasses is even more impressive.
PCME (August 1998)

...both Quake and Quake 2 look great with the glasses, the enemies seem to jump out at you and once your head gets used to the 3D you really begin to feel like you're on Stroggos...easily the best 3D glasses we've seen thus far and indications are that many of the top games will include support for it in the near future...if you have the cash available, they're well worth it.
PC Powerplay (September, 1998)

Overall: The best 3D eyewear I've tried
Pros: Good Price,No Flicker, Wireless, Works with 3Dfx Card, Multiple pairs of eye-
wear/ transmitter...If your in the market for a very good, well priced 3D shutterglass system this is the one for you

The Gamers' Warehouse (May, 1998)

With or without stereovision, 1024x672 on a single Voodoo 2 is a sight to be seen.  WickedVision adds a whole new element to gaming and I found myself taking a look at old titles just to see them in"True" 3D.
All Games Network (August, 1998)

...the 3D experience is amazing. It doesn't really help or assist the gamer, so it's not going to net you more kills online per se, but it does deliver a much more immersive gaming experience, one that has you coming back for more.
Cyrellis 3D (July 31st, 1998)

Performance: 4.5 out of 5 stars
Wow. I still can't get over how much of a difference the H3D System makes during gameplay. 3Dgames really become 3D games. Absolutely stunning!
The Adrenaline Vault (July, 1998)

I started a Single-Player game of Quake and was blown away. Honestly. In the Introduction Halls, I walked up to one of the flaming tables and I really felt like I was next to it... and it felt as though I could crouch and crawl under it. Very good stuff. I then moved on to the first map of Quake and the dogs that attack are excellent! Seeing them fling themselves at you through the air is awesome, and you don't want to kill them because you'll lose the thrill. As for the technical side, I was playing in 640x480 resolution and there was no slowdown when using the glasses. Everything was smooth and slick, just as before.
Otser's Site (June, 1998)

"..they REALLY DO give a different dimension to Quake and Quake2."
Voodoo Magazine - The Voodoo Review (May, 1998)

"..this is a "must have" for the die hard Quakers."

FastGraphics (May, 1998)

"The H3D Eyewear System is what 3D gaming should be. You will truly feel immersed in the game, even more so after you get used to them.
You will NOT go back. It's the best addon you can buy for 3D gaming
after a Voodoo card. These two should simply be bundled together!"
Overall rating: 8.5/10
The Pure3D Station (May, 1998)

<Editor of OGR after seeing it at CGDC with Quake 2 at 1024x768 with 2 12Mb Voodoo2 cards in SLI>
Jon Greenberg: Time to break out the drool buckets folks because our team just witnessed what could have been the most immersive Quake2 experience yet. Man, there's nothing quite like seeing a true-depth gibbing to totally pull you into the game. Words simply can't convey how totally cool playing Q2 through the shutterglasses actually is. <not the full review>
OGR's CGDC Review of H3D and Metabyte (May, 1998)

    Voodoo Extreme (April, 1998)

    Stereoscopic 3D Homepage (January, 1998)

"The final element that will transform gaming as we know it is 3D video. Yeah, 3D glasses stink. They're huge, corded and have very little software support, and they give you a headache if you use them for more than an hour. Throw 'em in the trash can and pick up the new lightweight, cordless shades from H3D Entertainment." --Popular Mechanics, p. 36, Oct. 1997

"These glasses, which are wireless, are nothing less than the most comfortable and clearest 3D glasses that I have ever tried out. The image was flicker-free and I didn't feel as though I was going to have a headache after playing for awhile. Check these glasses out!" -- The Crunge's E3 Report (allgames.com)

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