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LaserGolf System now available!



PC Golf - Interactive Golf Accessory


Get ready for the upcoming season or fine tune your game. With the PC Golf you can enjoy golf year 'round in the comfort of your own home or office. PC Golf is easy to hook up and use, and is fun for the entire family, regardless of skill level. Once you've lowered your handicap, invite your golfing buddies over to "play a round".

Use popular game software such as Golf Pro 2000, Links 386 and others to play some of the world's most famous courses. Take a normal swing indoors - and keep out from the rain and cold.
True interactive golf - actually swing the club rather than move a mouse! Improve your working knowledge of the game and have fun too!
Make each shot from tee to pin as you would on the course. Your entire bag is featured in one club. Club can be used by left or right handed players
Play anytime - no tee time required. Compatible with all IBM compatible PCs



Compatible Games

Company Title Support
Brilliant Interactive America's Toughest 18 Native
Brilliant Interactive Golf Pro 2000 Native
Access Software Links 386 Pro Driver
Access Software Links 386 CD Driver
Lyric Picture Perfect Golf Driver

* tough.exe - patch for America's Toughest 18. Fixes problem with Rev 01 Pro Swing System. Speed improvement and bug fixes. For both mouse and club users. Extract over existing GOLF.EXE [216kb]
* gpro101.zip - update v1.01 to Golf Pro 2000 - includes bug fixes and improves gameplay [654kb]
* golf102.exe - update v1.02 to Golf Pro 2000 - fixes a bug on faster machines. Self-extracting. [246kb]
* ccpro114.exe - Country Club Golf Pro driver v1.14a - requires Links 386 [802kb]
* dosclub.exe - Picture Perfect Golf driver for DOS v1.0g [801kb]
* pcclub.exe - Picture Perfect Golf driver for Windows v2.1h [854kb]
* comutil.exe - a utility for checking the serial port the golf simulator is connected to [58kb]
* swngstat.exe - a DOS program which provides feedback and statistics about your swing eg. slice 50%, hook 25%, straight 25% [98kb]
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