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Digital Edge - The Best Quality, No Compromise

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Digital Edge F1 Sim

Ahh...the F1 driving experience




The F1 Sim is compatible with any joystick enabled game, and should be setup as a four-button joystick for Windows 95 games that support DirectInput.


* Totally plug and play - compliant with any program supporting a standard joystick interface.
* Easy to set up, no proprietary software required
* No peripheral card needed - runs from a single game port
* 100% IBM PC compatible
* Software and interface cable to enable use with IBM compatible PCs.



PC Powerplay -- May 1997 (Australia)
PC Powerplay Ultimate Hardward Award
9/10 Ultimate Hardware Award

"absolutely leaves Thrustmaster T2 in its wake for usability"

"Setting it up is a breeze and once you 're up and away you 'll never want to play a driving game any other way. "


Games Domain Review -- Games Domain Review  Feb 1998

"When you are serious about racing, toss out that plastic junk and step up to the real thing. The F1 Sim is the best racing setup this reviewer has seen."

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Next Generation Online -- 20 Dec 1997

"Digital Edge have come up trumps by simply out designing, 'out steeling' and out pricing any other steering wheel and pedals combination currently on the market. If realism is what you crave for then look no further."

"Steel construction gives the Indy Sim the edge (pun intended!) over every other wheel to date which have mostly been constructed with and/or encased in plastic. Robustness means that after countless laps and endless chicanes you'll feel safe in the knowledge that the F1 can cope with whatever is thrown at it."

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T3 -- November 1997

"I managed my best lap ever in Monaco, and I stole the pole from Schumacher in Brazil."

"Its lovely and leather and everything. Shame it doesn’t come with a complete sports car wrapped around it."


F1 RACING -- December 1997

"The F1 SIM steering wheel is a must for all those desktop racing fans with an eye for quality. As opposed to many of the wheel’s competitors, it is made of high-quality steel, not plastic, and has a truly quality feel. The pedals are also extremely progressive items, aiding control and feel for driving games. Many others simply have on/off pedals, but the F1 SIM version is a cut above."


MAXPOWER -- January 1998

"Those who own PC’s and are into driving games will find no better steering wheel than this little baby. It’s as close to the real thing as you’re going to get - a genuine 10in wheel, shiftlight action and push buttons for quick gear changes all making you feel a bit Villeneuve-esque. Everything about it is quality. The authentic pedals are attached to a heavy unit which means they don’t slip away while you’re giving them abuse, and the fact that the wheel is sprung means it’s not unrealistically sensitive. Johnny Herbert and Jean Alesi are already hooked, so what are you waiting for?"


STUFF -- "Recommended Buy", January 1998

"There’s no point having the most up-to-date, realistic driving game if you’re still using a keyboard to race. PC steering wheels vary from the plastic tat that falls apart after a week to the awesome realism of a full steel, ten inch, paddle gear-change wheel and matching foot pedals. The F1 SIM is such wheel. What’s more, its design is based on the gears you’ll find in a modern day F1 motors."


COMPUTER SHOPPER( -- November 1997

"The F1 SIM will put you behind the wheel of a Formula 1 car (in your mind anyway), and connects up to your PC with just one cable. Imagining you’re Michael Schumacher has never been so easy."

"...you also have paddles behind the wheel that can be used to change gear in just the same way that real F1 drivers do."

"If you do love it and decide to buy one, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed with the results."


PC FUN -- France, November 1997

"With the steering wheel a new step has been made into realism in PC’s."

"The metal/ leather wheel is perfect for handling...you can change gears without taking your hands off the wheel, which is much better than Thrustmaster T2."

"The pedal base is simply perfect."

"For people who are passionate about driving simulation and wish for the real sensation - we advise you invest in this product."


PC Zone  -- Classic Award October 1997

".... the FI SIM really is head and shoulders above the rest of the pack, we feel it's the best investment armchair Formula 1 fans can possibly make. Lots of wheels for the PC then, but then only one of this quality, which simplifies things somewhat we're sure you'll agree."


Autosport Magazine -- June 1997

"The pedals are ultra-responsive, as is the wheel, which features gear paddles and rev limit lights. The whole thing is completely professional..."

"Quite simply this is the best controller on the market. "


Chequered Flag -- September 1997

"Without doubt this is the most impressive unit we have ever come across.... it is quite literally the ultimate driving aid for your PC. "

"The construction of the FI SIM is second to none, this is not your average plastic controller that looks unlikely to make it past the first corner, oh no, the whole assembly is beautifully crafted. "

".. the F1 SIM is incredibly easy to use and simple to set up. It uses a neat "plug & play " process and requires no additional software or cards.... within minutes of opening the box you will be up and running"


PC Gaming World -- 5* Award, October 1997

"The winner of this years constructor 's championship has to be the FI SIM - a wheel and pedals combo that knocks all others in to the gravel trap. . . "

"Admittedly, the price makes this a toy for hard-core racers only, but its fair price given the quality. "

"Simply the best wheel and pedals set we 've ever seen. "


Escape Magazine -- October 1997

".. this steering wheel pedal set is about as good as racing controllers go. "

"Unlike the typical sub 100 pile of shite... this PC-orientated set-up is a strictly tack free affair. "

"Top stuff and ideal for use with serious games.... "


Final Score Magazine -- FSM score 95%

"Everything about the FI SIM is tuned to perfection "

"It offers the feeling that you are really racing as Schumacher or Hill - (then again, given his new car - Arrows, the F1 SIM is probably better than his steering wheel and pedals... "

"If you've got a decent PC and are into racing games, this is a must. "


PC Home -- 5 Stars, August 1997

"In fact the entire unit, both wheel and pedals, is just about the sturdiest we have seen outside of an amusement arcade. Admittedly this quality comes at a price ...but we reckon if you're gonna fork out serious cash for an authentic wheel then you may as well spend the extra and get the very best. "

".... the FI SIM really is the best driving wheel I’ve seen for the PC and comes heartily recommended. "


PC Gamer -- 90%+ rating, 1996

"This is undoubtedly the most advanced and well built realistic steering wheel system money can buy. "


PC Gamer -- 90%+ rating, Christmas 1997

"For those who spend their lives in pursuit of gaming perfection, a steering wheel is not a luxury but a fundamental human right...We’ve put the latest wheels on trial in this month’s Money Pit and the undoubted victory is Digital Edge’s F1 SIM Racing Simulator."

"The F1 Sim racing simulator is as comfortable and realistic as you could hope for. This is truly the Ashton Martin of steering wheels."


Personal Computer World -- October 1997

"Playing computer driving games with your keyboard sucks. What you really want is one of those steering wheels you find on arcade machines, and a set of pedals would not 't go a-miss. ,Such controls have been available for PC's for sometime, but are usually of debatable quality and unlikely to make it round that particularly sharp corner without falling off. No such worries with Digital Edge's FI SIM. "


PC Mag  -- Loisirs (France)

"Digital Edge FI SIM- 19/20
Thrustmaster T2- 17/20
Thrustmaster GP1- 16/20 "


Giochi Computer  -- March 1997

".. the best PC driving kit to enter the Italian market. "

"A 10 inch wheel that allows you to have the most realistic sensation of a Formula 1 race. "

"You really feel like being a F1 driver. "


Computer Totaal  -- Netherlands

"The F1 SIM race set is the best of the best... "

  Precision Grip Quality


Digital Edge F1 SIM 8.5 9.0 9.0 8.8
Thrustmaster T2 8.5 8.0 7.5 8.0
Thrustmaster Grand Prix 1 8.0 7.5 6.0


Platinum Sound Turbo Wheel 7.5 7.0 6.0 6.8


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