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News from 2002-2003

Latest news
30/6/03 Mindflux will be exhibiting at Big Boys Toys www.bigboystoysexpo.com 18th to 20th July at Darling Harbour. We plan to have the head-mounted displays, trackers, 3D stereoscopic movies and our Virtual Golf system on display. Come visit us and grab a free copy of Gizmo magazine.
2/5/03 Mindflux will be exhibiting at CeBit 2003 Darling Harbour May 6-8. We are at Stand 333 in the Future Park section. There will be examples of the latest consumer head-mounted displays, trackers and gloves together with some of our other input devices. Register online at www.cebit.com.au for a free ticket and a chance to win a Vodafone live! mobile phone.
12/12/02 Essential Reality's P5 glove is available now for $349. It comes with Hitman 2, BeachHead 2002 and Tiger Hunt. It is a 6 degree-of-freedom glove with fingerbend sensors. A fantastic glove with many possible applications. For more information visit http://www.essentialreality.com
6/11/02 The new C-Pen 10 has been released and at $199 it is fantastic value.
It reads text and is also a mouse. Plugs directly into the USB port. Supports both Mac and PC.
26/10/02 Wow! Lots of new products in the pipeline. Here's some of the latest news:

Olympus Eyetrek FMD-200 is now $1299 and in stock
3D versions of the Eyetrek are also available

i-glasses HRV has been released and is $1599
i-glasses SVGA 3D now only $2399!
The ProV and ProTV III TV to SVGA converters are now in stock

Microvison Nomad is available

Cymouse and Miracle mouse are now available

Essential Reality's P5 glove has been released in the US and we should get stock shortly.

8/6/02 The Consumer Electronics Show is on again we're back with loads of exciting products. We will have two Formula One cars on display with the Cy-Visor and Eye-trek headsets, 3D DVDs from the Ultimate 3-D Collection on a TV and the Eye-force and i-glasses SVGA 3D running off a computer.

If you want to see the equipment in action, there is no better time! Come to Fox Studios and enjoy the show!!

Come over to the stand and get a free copy of Gizmo magazine. A great new mag coming the latest innovation and technology.
6/6/02 Pricing on both our 800x600 2D headsets has dropped. The Cy-Visor is now $1999 while the i-glasses SVGA 2D is now $1499. It is the first time that the price of high-resolution headsets has fallen below the $2000 mark.
Use the Cy-Visor with ANY video/VGA source including the latest gaming consoles like the GameCube, X-Box and Playstation 2.
The i-glasses can now replace your monitor for a completely portable solution.

Information on the 5DT Data Glove 16 has been added.

25/5/02 New features for the InterTrax2: Virtual Desktop, Improved Joystick emulation and Hot Keys. Create a virtually unlimited desktop around your head of 8000x6000 or more and use any application that supports DirectInput.
13/5/02 The i-glasses SVGA 3D supports the NVidia drivers natively at flicker-free 100Hz. It is the MOST affordable Stereoscopic 3D SVGA HMD around. Play all the latest games like Jedi Knight II: Outcast or Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone in eye-popping 3D.
8/3/02 Information about the Spaceball 3003 FLX and the Spaceball 4000 FLX has now been added. Control objects on the screen like they were objects in your hand. Simultaneously pan, zoom and rotate 3D objects in every direction.
28/2/02 Cy-Visor DH-4400 3D now available. It accepts interlaced, page-flipped and separate inputs. It can be used with the Wick3D and NVidia drivers as well as all our PAL and NTSC videos and DVDs.
22/1/02 Flight Sim 2002 now supports the InterTrax2 natively. Using the "Virtual Cockpit" mode there is native support for the tracker within the game. Click here for more information.
16/1/02 The new C-Pen 600C and 800C are now available. Connects to a PC via a serial cable or IR connector.
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