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Mindflux is committed to providing technical support for all of our products. This section, while still in development, will offer the latest support files for our products. We now bring you truly interactive customer support via the Internet. Please read this section carefully before contacting our support number.

Always include a fax number or regular mail address with your correspondence. We will gladly mail or fax our response to you if the e-mail is returned as undeliverable.

LIVE TECH SUPPORT - Our Technical Support Line can be reached at
(02) 9416-9619, and is operational between 9 A.M. and 6 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Friday. Tech support on Saturdays is dependent on staffing. If staff are unavailable, your questions will be answered the next working day.

E-MAIL SUPPORT - Get your message directly to the people who can answer your questions. Tech support mail can be sent to: support@mindflux.com.au or the feedback form below can be filled out.


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