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Here are links to some of our favourite web sites.


www.ascension-tech.com Ascension Technology Corporation Magnetic, optical and inertial motion-tracking devices for 3D computer graphics interaction, animation and medical imaging.
www.iisvr.com Interactive Imaging Systems (previous known as Forte Technologies The home of the VFX1 and the new VFX3D VR systems
www.i-glasses.com i-O Display Systems, LLC Home of the i-glasses, X2 and Protec
www.immersion.com Immersion Corp. (previously Virtual Technologies, Inc.) Home of the Cyberglove and Cybergrasp force-feedback gloves and other tactile feedback deives
www.keo.com Kaiser Electro-Optics Makers of the ProView range of military and medical HMDs
www.isense.com Intersense Home of the InterTrax and the IS-300, IS-600 and IS-900 range.
www.cpen.com C Technology Home of the C-Pens
www.personaldisplay.com Daeyang E&C Home of the Cy-Visor DH-4400VP


  Special Interest

www.wicked3d.com Wicked3D
(A branch of Metabyte)
Home of the Wicked3D eyeSCREAM glasses
iglasses.weirdoz.org i-glasses tracker 
developer page
Student projects that allow interaction with the tracker
www.stereovision.net Stereovision.Net Has heaps of information about all kinds of LCD shutterglasses
www.stereo3d.com Stereo 3D The Premier website for anything stereoscopic.
www.3dmetro.com 3D-Metro An excellent collection of 3D pictures
www.gizmo.com.au Gizmo magazine Australian magazine showcasing the latest in innovation & technology. Well worth a visit



www.cosmicsmile.com.au Cosmic Smile Dental - Cosmetic, Implant, General and Preventive Dentistry Dental surgery of Dr Jason Pang
www.csimaging.com.au Cosmic Smile Imaging 3D Dental imaging of the skull using Vatech PAX Uni3D Cone Beam CT machine




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