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6Mb Memory - 4Mb texture, 2Mb frame buffer  
Canopus Pure 3D
Big-Screen TV Gaming




Combining the ultimate in performance with the most game support the 3DFX™ Voodoo Graphics has become the standard platform for PC gaming. Whether using Direct3D™, Glide™ or OpenGL™, the hottest titles will run fastest and look best with 3DFX acceleration. The Canopus Pure3D with the most complete feature set, user friendly utilities, and superior board design, is the premier 3DFX accelerator available.

With its has 4MB of dedicated texture memory (twice that of other Voodoo based cards) the Canopus Pure3D™ allows the latest games to offer greater detail without sacrificing performance.

Pure3D's TV output takes gaming excitement beyond your PC monitor. Play your favorite PC games on your Big Screen TV or videotape your death match triumphs and display your greatness to the cheering crowds.

For those not interested in Big Screen gaming, the Pure 3D LX has all the speed of the Pure 3D without the TV out capability.


Advanced 3D Features
Perspective correct texture mapping Gouraud modulated textures
Bi-linear and advanced texture filtering Z-buffering
Level of Detail (LOD) MIP mapping Anti-aliasing (16 bit)
Multiple format texture buffer (8 & 16 bit) Alpha Blending
Local texture cache Linear Frame Buffer Access

Advanced Special Effects
Per-pixel fog, smoke and haze
Texture animation
Texture compositing Texture modulation
Texture morphing Texture Compression

TV Out Features
High quality TV encoder
Automatic detection of connected TV
NTSC and PAL support
Simultaneous TV and monitor display
Composite and S-Video output
Pass through for displaying Windows VGA on TV (NTSC only)

3D API Compatibility
Microsoft® Windows® 95
CriterionTM RenderWare®
Intel® 3DRTM Gemini Technology OpenGVSTM
Argonaut BRenderTM GlideTM

Graphics Processor
3Dfx Interactive Voodoo GraphicsTM

Memory Configuration
6MB 40ns EDO DRAM memory
- 4Mb dedicated texture memory
- 2Mb frame buffer memory
Dual 64-bit memory architecture

VGA DB-15 monitor connector
Mini DIN 9-pin shielded pass through connector
Composite video out (RCA)
S-Video out (mini DIN)

Monitor Compatibility
Standard fixed frequency VGA or multi-frequency monitor
1 year limited parts and labor warranty
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