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Apocalypse 5D Sonic

5D Sonic box




Apocalypse 5D Sonic is the total gaming solution. Combining the 3D acceleration of Apocalypse 3Dx, the stunning 2D performance of Tseng Labs' ET6100, and the sensational audio quality of SonicStorm on a single PCI card, Apocalypse 5D Sonic turns your PC into a serious game system.

PowerVR logoDesigned to run the latest DirectX, PowerVR Ready and PowerVR Extreme games, Apocalypse 5D Sonic uses the same 3D processor as the award-winning Apocalypse 3Dx, with 4 MB of SDRAM on-board texture memory, to provide outstanding arcade-level 3D gameplay on your PC.

Apocalypse 5D Sonic’s 2D performance is based on the stunning 128-bit performance of Tseng Labs new ET6100 graphics controller combined with 2 MB of very high performance Multibank DRAM (MDRAM), upgradable to 4 MB.

Audio, the final element of the gaming solution, is provided by Apocalypse 5D Sonic's ESS AGOGO-XP advanced audio processor. Its 3D positional sound provides an amazing immersive gaming experience, putting you right in the center of the action, while maintaining complete SoundBlaster support for your DOS games.



Arcade-level 3D performance
Apocalypse 5D Sonic uses the NEC PCX2 processor, based on the revolutionary PowerVR technology, for stunning 3D graphics.

Lightning fast Windows performance
Tseng Labs ET6100 128-bit 2D graphics accelerator provides up to 400% more bandwidth than 64-bit DRAM solutions.

Hardware-accelerated PCI audio

The ESS AGOGO-XP chip provides amazing positional 3D audio effects for the latest Windows 95 3D games; great wavetable MIDI performance, with full 64-voice wavetable synthesis, reverb, chorus, bass and treble controls; and because Apocalypse 5D Sonic's audio processing relieves the strain on your CPU, it leaves more processing power for games and other CPU-intensive applications.

Stunning 3D realism

Apocalypse 5D supports all the features needed to deliver stunning 3D realism, including bilinear filtering, perspective-correct anti-aliased texture mapping, pixel perfect hidden surface removal, light volumes, real time shadows, true logarithmic colored fog, translucency, and smooth shading—all in true color and real time.

Windows 95 and DOS games support
Compatible with Microsoft’s DirectX APIs, Apocalypse 5D Sonic accelerates DOS, Windows 95, Direct3D, PowerVR Ready and PowerVR Extreme games. And, Apocalypse 5D Sonic's audio processor provides complete SoundBlaster support for all your DOS games.

Exceptional video quality

The ET6100’s integrated multimedia processor with bilinear interpolation provides superb quality full-screen accelerated digital video playback. Free multimedia software Includes: over $300 worth of free, fully-functional multimedia software from NewSoft; free MPEG playback software for your VideoCD and MPEG movies; and SmartTools, a range of utilities to configure and customize your display.

Midi/Joystick port

Use with a keyboard for music or a joystick for games. Dedicated game port handles all joystick activity over the PCI bus, providing more responsive joystick performance.

Outstanding customer support
5 year warranty. Technical support hotlines. Internet web site, ftp, and BBS services.

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