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LaserGolf - The closest you'll come to the game of golf!

LaserGolf box, club and base unit


Ron Brill swinging the light club over the base unit





The first truly integrated golf simulation game for the PC.

Designed to give both beginners and professional the best golfing experience - without the golf course!

LaserGolf is the best PC golf game. Why? Because you play your shots with a club, not a computer mouse! Every other game simulates a golf swing using the computer's mouse or control pad, but the breakthrough technology in LaserGolf gives you a realistic 'Light Club' to 'hit' the ball. The difference is like the steering wheel to a racing car game - the Light Club is as close as you can get to playing with your own golf club. And it incorporates state-of-the-art computer graphics to give you the real feel for being on the fairway.

Every detail of the course - greens, trees, even waterfalls and sprinklers - is rendered in 3D, so that you can fly with the ball in real time and see in every direction. Realistic animation's of real golfers behave just the way you would if you hit a perfect shot - or a complete turkey! A spot-on commentator, ambient sounds and an appreciative audience complete the experience.

LaserGolf can be enjoyed by anyone, novice and expert golfers alike. Perfect for the whole family.


Light club shining onto base unit



Uses a club, not a mouse

LaserGolf brings real golf skill to a PC game with a club you swing like a golf club to make your shots

Superb 'in the round' graphics
makes you feel you're on the course, with sights and sounds to match

Put yourself in the game
Select from a variety of golfers to be your on screen-player, and put your face in too! (Requires a digital camera to make the image)

World-beating maths engine
Accurately calculates ball velocity, spin, impact point, water and terrain calculations to model the exact flight of the ball from your shot - as a beginner, amateur or professional player

Shot improvement aids
On-screen advice on what club to use, how hard to hit, aerial 'fly-by' of the hole showing the terrain and much more 

Competitive action
Play alone or with 2 or more partners in Strokeplay, Matchplay or Skins


Image showing velocity, point of impact and direction of ball travel



LaserGolf CD-ROM game software features and specifications
  • Precise ball flight and behaviour, from an advanced software 'physics engine'
  • Animated golfers with individual reactions for good and bad shots
  • 18 unique holes of golf from fantasy to precise copies of existing golf courses - Position-dependent 3D ambient stereo sound
  • Optional English style commentary, which follows the play
  • Simulated digital photo of virtual club hitting the ball showing clubhead speed, follow through, clubface angle and relative impact position.
  • Real-time 'flyby' from any position on the course
  • Television-type viewing of golf shots
  • Wander mode - automatic or user-controlled 'helicopter trip' looking around the course
  • Score cards, and player and game statistics
  • Post-shot statistics - showing distance hit, distance to pin and ball terrain lie
  • Saving and resuming of games and individual shots
  • Automatic saving of current game
  • User manual - and integrated online help Visual effects
  • Unlimited screen resolutions up to 16.7 million colours - Exploits DirectX 8.0 and Direct3D features of the latest 3D hardware accelerator cards - Fullscreen anti-aliasing (if supported by video card) for smoother curves
  • Particle systems to create real-time animated effects such as water spray, sand splashes and other special effects
  • Real-time 3D photorealistic scenery
  • Animated effects - waterfalls and running water.
  • Optional haze and fogging

Game options

  • Game formats include Strokeplay, MatchPlay, Tournament, Skins
  • Other modes - practice mode, longest drive and closest to the pin competitions
  • Customizable players with different levels of ability, from beginner to professional.
  • Player-selectable Tee position and shirt color.
  • Player selectable as left- or right-handed
  • Overhead map of hole - user-movable and sizable
  • Optional or auto grid overlay for showing the terrain gradients
  • Optional ball flight arc - to aid in visualizing and planning every shot
  • Real time zooming in and out
  • Auto or player selection of golf club and swing mode (e.g. Putt, Chip or Full Swing)
  • Club speed caddy - shows the suggested club head speed for reaching the pin
  • Optional betting in the Skins competition


In game shot




* LaserGolfAd.WMV - An advertisement to show off LaserGolf [6Mb]
* e3clipH.WMV - an except from the Today show demonstrating LaserGolf [3.6Mb]
* Beta Downloads page - Beta driver for Lasergolf to play Tiger Woods Pro Tour 2003 and 2004 [requires name and email address 375kb]

Man standing over LaserGolf base unit with light club

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