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Microsoft Flight Sim turns on InterTrax head tracking

InterSense worked directly with the Microsoft development team to integrate native support into Flight Simulator 2002.

With the release of Flight Sim 2002, Microsoft has allowed an expected 4 million users to become fully immersed into the "world's most successful PC game". After a recent visit with the Flight Sim team in Seattle, the InterTrax inertial head tracker was quickly integrated into the new version and can now be used to control the pilot's point of view in the "Virtual Cockpit" mode. With the combination of a HMD, the user can now become fully immersed in the cockpit and view the world as a real pilot in a full 360 degrees.

Along with the consumer market, numerous military departments and pilot training schools utilize this program as a cost efficient training simulator for beginning pilots. The combination of the InterTrax and a SVGA HMD will allow
them to take the simulation one step further without a great deal of cost.

As of January 1st, 2002, all InterTrax USB trackers delivered will be fully compatible with the game. A quick start guide for use with the program is included with the InterTrax CD.
Have fun!

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