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Multi-system SVGA headset
The Cy-visor is the first headset with a custom developed ASIC that supports NTSC/SECAM and PAL system video as well as SVGA.  It provides Full Colour with SVGA (800x600) resolution. 

With RCA, S-Video and D-sub 15 pin connections, it will run with your PC, laptop, DVD, video and game console for a private large-screen viewing experience.  With 1.44 million pixels, it has more than enough for the discerning user.

Immersive Personal Computer, Console and Arcade Gaming, DVD Video Movies and other Entertainment, Immersive Training, Confidential Personal Computing Display, Medical Surgery and other Similar Specialized Applications, Virtual Prototyping and Confidential Mobile Personal Computing.



Dynamic images and sound
The Cy-visor offers a virtual 800x600 resolution 110cm screen viewed from 2 meters away when connected to a personal computer. In addition, built-in stereo headphones provide quality sound.
Advanced ASIC
The multi-functional controller supports VGA & SVGA inputs from personal computers, plus the full range of video input standards including NTSC, PAL, Secam (both Y/C and composite inputs). 
HiFi Stereo Sound
The personal headphones deliver full stereo sound.
Compact size for portability and comfort
The display unit is compact in size and can be folded for portability. The lightweight display unit provides an easy fit to the head and ensures comfort over extended hours of use, even for users who wear eye glasses.
Advanced Control System
This allows you to adjust colour (R/G/B), brightness, contrast and horizontal/vertical position and flicker levels to suit your personal preference. It can even compensate for timing errors and instability in video card signals. 
Two light shields
With two types of light shields for glasses/non-glasses wearers
Adjustable Head Support System
Adjustable straps allow you to personalize the fit of your Cy-Visor for comfortable viewing.
DC or InfoLithiumTM Battery Operation
Use the supplied DC adapter or an optional Sony InfoLithium battery 
(NP550 2hrs, NP750 4 hrs, NP950 6hrs)
Supplied Accessories
Audio Cable (mini to RCA pin)

Video Cable (S-video)
Audio/Video Cable (RCA)
Audio/Video Cable (SCART to RCA pin)

Cable (D-sub 15 pin male-male)
DC Adapter
pdficon.gif (224 bytes) Cy-Visor Manual



Time Review (prototype of headset)

The Future, at COMDEX 2000 (NOVEMBER 14, 2000, ABC NEWS, 24Mb)


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