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Eye-Trek FMD-200

FMD-200 with Controller



Eye-Trek FMD-200 stands for a new way of watching TV. Whole it is connectable to every video source (TV, VCR, SAT, camcorder, DVD, game console) it offers a very good image quality and full stereo sound. FMD-200 is as light and compact as sunglasses and comes with the following contents.


Included in delivery:
  • Video eye-glasses with integrated headphones
  • Control unit
  • AV cable
  • Euroconnector
  • Ear pads
  • Users manual
Eye-Trek Connections
pdficon.gif (224 bytes) Eye-Trek FMD-200 brochure


Research published in JADA (Journal of the American Dental Association) showed that use of a headset during dental treatment was 'beneficial in the reduction of fear, pain and procedure time'. 
Effects of Audiovisual Distraction During Dental Prophylaxis
Frere C.L., Crout R., Yorty J., McNeil D.W.
JADA The Journal of the American Dental Association, July 2001, vol. 132, no. 7,pp. 1031-1038 (8 pages)




Model FMD-200 / FMD-200 PS
Display 2 TFT LCD displays, each with 180,000 pixels
Video Signal PAL Standard European Format
PC Input -
Angel of View 30 horizontal, 23 vertical (equivalent to a 52" (1.30 m) screen from a distance of 2 m)
AC adapter /
AC voltage/frequency
Rated 7.5 V 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption app. 3 W (DC)
Battery duration app. 4 hours
Input Connectors 4-pole mini-jack; 3,5 mm
Audio Output Integrated earphones with bass boost, stereo sound
Audio Adjustment Sound volume, bass boost
Video adjustment Contrast, brightness, sharpness, colour, tint
PC adjustment -
Dimensions Display Unit: 132x50x30 mm (excluding cable and frames)
Control Unit: 67x27x98 mm
Weight Display Unit: app. 85 g (excluding cable)
Control Unit: app. 75 g (excluding cables)


150 x 38 x 23 mm



Gizmo - "More than just a cinema-on-your-face...has found its way into dentists chairs and F1 simulators as well as being used for virtual reality VR training and simulation, entertainment and educational purposes."


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