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The Smallest High Performance Head Tracker in the World
The InterTrax
2 is the smallest high performance head tracker in the world and it is destined to turn heads. It is designed to add motion tracking functionality to heads up personal displays which will enrich 3D design, game play, or web visualization. The InterTrax2 is a fraction of the weight and size of the earlier model and it has greatly improved performance. The InterTrax2 will change your view of motion tracking forever.

Improving on the InterTrax, the InterTrax2 is positioned and priced to become the defacto standard motion tracking system for personal heads-up displays. The growth of 3D games with the explosion of the internet creates enormous potential. On the web our motion tracking technology can be used to allow browsers 360 degree tours the house of their dreams via the web with companies like I-Pix and Remote Reality. Or create interactive health and tracked fitness programs that monitor and guide users with real-time web based instruction.

pdficon.gif (224 bytes) InterTrax2 brochure


InterTrax2 tracker


Increased functionality and accuracy Compatible with Playstation2, PCs and workstations
Priced for consumers, performance for professionals USB middleware and SDK available
Zero jitter, high stability Available with USB or Serial Interface
Immune from electrical and
magnetic interference
Available standalone or bundled with headsets
Exceptional speed & accuracy Simple connection to all personal display devices
  New Features
Virtual Desktop
When used with a head mounted display, this feature allows you to create a virtually unlimited desktop space. Instead of the 800 by 600, offered by SVGA display, you can have an 8000 by 6000 desktop extending all around you. Windows on the display are moved in direction opposite to the movement of the head, creating an illusion of a being surrounded by a huge screen.
New Joystick Emulation
IServer reads tracker data in real time and passes it to an InterSense Joystick Driver, where it becomes available to all applications capable of reading joystick through the DirectInput interface.
Hot Keys
You can assign a key combination to be used to reset the tracker heading (yaw) to zero. This is very useful, since most applications, even including many that are written specifically for InterSense devices, don't have this functionality. There is also a key assignment available for control of the Virtual Desktop functionality.
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