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DH-4400VP 3D



Multi-system SVGA headset
The Cy-visor is the first headset with a custom developed ASIC that supports NTSC/SECAM and PAL system video as well as SVGA.  It provides Full Colour with SVGA (800x600) resolution. 

With two RCA and two D-sub 15 pin connections, it will run with your PC, laptop, DVD, video and game console for a private large-screen viewing experience.  With 1.44 million pixels, it has more than enough for the discerning user.

Stereoscopic 3D
The newly developed DH-4400 3D model can provide a variety of 3D functions in one unit and generate full-depth stereo 3D imagery by separating left and right displays. It supports all the available 3D format including interlaced, page-flipped and separate inputs.




The features of the 3D model are identical to that of the 2D DH-4400 but additionally have:

Stereoscopic modes
- Interlaced 3D mode on PC SVGA
- Page Flipping 3D mode on PC VGA & SVGA
- Page Flipping 3D mode on Video mode
- Separated input mode for PC VGA & SVGA
- Separated input mode for Video


Specifications The specifications of the 3D model are identical to that of the 2D DH-4400 (except for S-Video inputs) but have:
 Input ports
- Video - 2 x RCA
- VGA - 2 x 15 pin D-SUB VGA
- Audio - minijack
  Cy-Visor DH-4400 3D Specifications
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