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i-glasses SVGA

i-glasses SVGA headset big





The  i-glasses SVGA™ is a portable, affordable, high resolution, computer monitor in a compact, 7 oz package that fits comfortably on your head. Big stereo sound through built-in private speakers completes the experience. The all-new i-glasses SVGA is plug and play compatible with virtually all computer systems including PC's, laptops and even some popular PDAs. Images are sharp, clear, rich and vibrant. This one incredible product provides a single viewing solution for a whole new generation of computing and PDA devices. i-glasses SVGA. For working on the road or relaxation, it's a great experience you have got to try.

Perfect for computer based applications:

·Notebook Accessory ·Private Movie Watching
·Virtual Reality Simulation ·Portable Monitors
·Inspection Systems ·Secure Notebook Use
·PC Gaming ·Medical Monitors
·Portable Work Stations ·Trade Show Attractions
·Remote Video ·Entertainment


Features Specifications
Highest Resolution
The i-glasses displays a virtual image of a 90cm screen from 2m. It allows VGA/SVGA/XGA scaled down to 800x600 from any personal computer.
Fixed focus and no IPD adjustment
Focus is set at 3.9m for easy viewing and no eye distance adjustment is required
Flicker Free
120Hz refresh rate ensures no flicker
HiFi Stereo Sound
The personal headphones deliver full stereo sound.
Compact size for portability and comfort
The display unit is compact in size and can be folded for portability. The lightweight display unit provides an easy fit to the head and ensures comfort over extended hours of use, even for users who wear eye glasses.
Advanced Control System
This allows you to adjust colour (R/G/B), brightness, contrast and horizontal/vertical position to suit your personal preference. It can even compensate for timing errors and instability in video card signals. 
Adjustable Head Support System
Adjustable straps allow you to personalize the fit of your i-glasses for comfortable viewing.
DC or Battery Operation
Use the supplied DC adapter or an optional High-density battery
Video operation (optional)
Video operation is possible with the use of a ** V-box accessory
Stereoscopic 3D version **
The 3D version is compatible with NVidia stereoscopic drivers which allow almost all 3D games to be played in eye-popping 3D.

** NOTE: The 2D version cannot be upgraded and is a different unit to the 3D version.
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Combine the headset with an Intersense InterTrax2 or i-glasses tracker for a complete virtual reality experience.
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