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Best of RetailVision Spring 1999 - Best Product Accessory





The ELSA 3D REVELATORô, is the newest and most exciting gaming experience for the PC since 3D. Your flat pseudo 3D game graphics will be transformed into life like Stereoscopic 3D for the ultimate in immersive gaming.

ELSA 3D REVELATORô with new LCD Shutter technology creates an entirely new spatial experience in games and other 3D applications. Featuring the latest stereo control technology(patent pending) combined with an ELSA graphics accelerator, transform just about any computer game into an incomparable and fascinating experience. 

Normal PC monitors can now display images with an astounding three-dimensional quality which brings astounding three-dimensional reality to the standard PC. 3D games now inspire an unmatched level of fascination, and visually live up to their name. You will practically feel the hot breath of the charging monster, smell the burning rubber as you navigate a road course. You will no longer just play the game, you will become a part of the total experience.


Play the best games with eye-popping stereoscopic 3D imagery Direct3D Game Compatible
Wireless, extremely light and are designed for extended use Refresh rates up to 140Hz
Additional glasses available for multi-user gameplay Supports the latest ELSA cards and NVidia TNT, TNT2 and GeForce chipsets
Plug and play installation -
No serial or parallel ports used


Game sampler CD with playable versions of today's hottest titles including:
* Colin McRae Racing
* Tomb Raider II & III
* Wipeout 2097
* Incoming
* Freespace
* Overboard and more


"I was surprised by the quality of the 3D effect - it actually looked as if I could put my hand in the the monitor and touch objects...the depth and feel was very good."
Cutting Edge, The Australian IT, July 4 2000

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