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NuView SX2000

Nu-View SX2000 attached to camcorder





Now for the first time, record your personal experiences and work related video in realistic stereoscopic 3-D. The Nu-View ® adapter changes your flat 2 dimensional camcorder into a camera that records rich 3-D visual worlds.
Nu-View ®increases the value and extends the usefulness of the camcorder you may now own.

Nu-View ® is compatible with virtually all camcorders, VCR's and television sets in all standards presently available. WORLDWIDE! 
By using our patent-pending process called Stereo-OptixTM , there is no longer a need to look at your new recordings on a "flat" screen.
View your 3-D video recordings on any stereoscopic head mounted display system or with any video shutter glasses on both your television or VGA monitor.
Imagine recording and viewing your child's first steps, vacations and all of nature's glorious sights in photo realistic 3-D. 


Nu-View SX2000


Ease of use
Once attached to the camcorder, autofocus, exposure, zoom and white balance features are performed as usual

Near universal compatibility
Works with most camcorders and comes with multiple adapters

Incredible 3D Video
Wedding, vacations, sporting events, parties and much more take on an added dimension

Low Cost
Allows 3D production by the home enthusiast


Controls and Connectors
- Video input
- On/Off switch
- Orientation switch

Video Standards
All worldwide standards

Convergence Control
Approximately 1 meter through infinity

Indicator Lights
- On/Off light stays green when an active video signal is sensed by the circuitry
- Red low-battery indicator light


Power requirements
One AAA 1.5V battery; Battery life in excess of 60 hours continuous use

The NuView requires a camcorder that will accept threaded filter rings

To view 3D videos on your TV, we recommend the H3D Video Eyewear. To view 3D videos on a PC, use the Eyeforce or 3D Revelator glasses and a quality Video capture card. Alternatively, use on one of our 3D HMDs like the i-glasses 3D, i-glasses 3D SVGA or Cy-Visor 3D.

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