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VTI's Award-Winning Tactile Feedback Glove




CyberTouch is a tactile feedback option for VTI's popular 18-sensor CyberGlove instrumented glove. CyberTouch was named the 1996 Virtual Reality Product of the Year in the hardware category by CyberEdge Journal.

CyberTouch features small vibrotactile stimulators on each finger and the palm of the CyberGlove. Each stimulator can be individually programmed to vary the strength of touch sensation. The array of stimulators can generate simple sensations such as pulses or sustained vibration, and they can be used in combination to produce complex tactile feedback patterns. Software developers can design their own actuation profile to achieve the desired tactile sensation, including the perception of touching a solid object in a simulated virtual world.

The CyberTouch tactile feedback option is essential to anyone serious about using their hands to interact with objects in a virtual world. Finally, there is a product that lets you feel a virtual object and know it is in your hand without having to look.

Video demo of CyberGlove , CyberTouch and the CyberGrasp option
This 21 minute video demo highlights the products, technology and applications of the CyberGlove instrumented glove, the CyberTouch option that adds vibrotactile feedback and the CyberGrasp force feedback option. The video demo leads the viewer through setup, use and customer applications of our instrumented glove systems.

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Vibro-tactile Stimulators
Six (one on each finger, one on the palm).

Vibrational Frequency
0-125 Hz.

Vibrational Amplitude
1.2 N peak-to-peak @ 125 Hz (max).



One size fits most; 5 oz; 10 ft glove cable standard. (Sensor Technical Specifications same as the standard CyberGlove.)

Instrumentation Unit
10.00" x 6.25" x 2.75"; 30 oz.

RS-232 (115.2 kbaud max).

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