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Groundbreaking Haptic Interface for the Entire Hand




The CyberGrasp haptic feedback interface represents a revolution in human-computer-interface technology by enabling CyberGlove® users to actually "touch" computer-generated objects and experience realistic force feedback via the most natural interface possible - the human hand.

The CyberGrasp is a lightweight, unencumbering force-reflecting exoskeleton that fits over a CyberGlove and adds resistive force feedback to each finger. With the CyberGrasp force feedback system, users are able to explore the physical properties of computer-generated 3D objects they manipulate in a simulated 'virtual world'.

The grasp forces are exerted via a network of tendons that are routed to the fingertips via an exoskeleton, and can be programmed to prevent the user's fingers from penetrating or crushing a virtual object. The tendon sheaths are specifically designed for low compressibility and low friction. The actuators are high-quality DC motors located in a small enclosure on the desktop. There are five actuators, one for each finger.

The device exerts grasp forces that are roughly perpendicular to the fingertips throughout the range of motion, and forces can be specified individually. The CyberGrasp system allows full range-of-motion of the hand and does not obstruct the wearer's movements. The device is fully adjustable and designed to fit a wide variety of hands.

Originally developed under STTR contract to the United States Navy for use in tele-robotic applications, the CyberGrasp system allows an operator to control a remotely-located robotic "hand" and literally "feel" the object being manipulated.


The CyberGrasp system offers enormous benefits for "real world" applications, including medical applications, virtual reality training and simulation, computer-aided design (CAD), and the remote handling of hazardous materials.

Video demo of CyberGlove , CyberTouch™ and the CyberGrasp option
This 21 minute video demo highlights the products, technology and applications of the CyberGlove instrumented glove, the CyberTouch option that adds vibrotactile feedback and the CyberGrasp force feedback option. The video demo leads the viewer through setup, use and customer applications of our instrumented glove systems.

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Force-feedback exoskeleton
Lightweight, unencumbering force-reflecting exoskeleton

5 tendons (one for each finger)
Each tendon is controlled by a high-quality DC motor on the desktop



Maximum Continuous Force:
12 N per finger

Force resolution:
12-bit resolution

Weight (minus CyberGlove):

1 meter radius hemisphere

Host Interface:
RS-232 and Ethernet are supported


A 22-sensor CyberGlove is required to use CyberGrasp. Existing 18-sensor gloves can be retrofitted by Virtual Technologies.
A 6 DOF position sensor. Currently supported systems are:
 - Ascension Flock of Birds™
 - Polhemus Fastrak® and Isotrak II®
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