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VTI's Award-Winning Instrumented Glove



CyberGlove® is a low-profile, lightweight glove with flexible sensors which accurately and repeatably measure the position and movement of the fingers and wrist. CyberGlove's award-winning design incorporates the latest high-precision joint-sensing technology. CyberGlove is state-of-the-art in instrumented gloves.

The CyberGlove is available in two models and for either hand.

* The 18-sensor model features two bend sensors on each finger, four abduction sensors, plus sensors measuring thumb crossover, palm arch, wrist flexion and wrist abduction.
* The 22-sensor model adds sensors to measure the flexion of the distal joints on the four fingers.

Patented Sensor Technology

The CyberGlove features Virtual Technologies' patented resistive bend-sensing technology that is linear and robust. The sensors are extremely thin and flexible and produce almost undetectable resistance to bending. Since the sensors exhibit low sensitivity to their positioning over finger joints and to the joints' radii of curvature, each CyberGlove provides high quality measurements for a wide range of hand sizes, and ensures repeatability between uses. Calibrations typically need not be updated, even after months of use.


Designed for Comfort and Functionality

The CyberGlove is constructed with stretch fabric for comfort and a mesh palm for ventilation. The 18-sensor CyberGlove includes open fingertips, which allow the user to type, write and grasp objects while wearing the glove.

CyberGloves are available for both hands.

The CyberGlove System

The basic CyberGlove system includes one CyberGlove, its instrumentation unit, a serial cable to connect to your host computer, and an executable version of our VirtualHand graphic hand model display and calibration software.

Many applications require measurement of the position and orientation of the forearm in space. To accomplish this, mounting provisions for Polhemus and Ascension 6 DOF (degrees of freedom) tracking sensors are available for the glove wristband. Tracking sensors are not included in the basic CyberGlove system, but are available as an option from Virtual Technologies and are supported in the VirtualHand® software.

The CyberGlove has a software programmable switch and LED on the wristband to permit the system software developer to provide the CyberGlove wearer with additional input/output capability.

The instrumentation unit provides a variety of convenient functions and features including time-stamp, CyberGlove status, external sampling synchronization and analog sensor outputs.


The CyberGlove is an ideal body-sensing glove for:

    * Virtual reality
    * telerobotics
    * task training
    * medicine
    * CAD
    * sign language recognition
    * video games
    * graphical character animation
    * music generation
    * hand-function analysis


Video demo of CyberGlove , CyberTouch™ and the CyberGrasp option
This 21 minute video demo highlights the products, technology and applications of the CyberGlove instrumented glove, the CyberTouch option that adds vibrotactile feedback and the CyberGrasp force feedback option. The video demo leads the viewer through setup, use and customer applications of our instrumented glove systems.

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