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Stereoscopic 3D Quake!

Thanks to Forte and the dedicated VFX1 User Group team, some newly discovered console commands for Quake have revealed that stereoscopic video support has existed since the first add-on pack. Though the extent and exact usage of the commands is not fully known, below are some instructions on how to set up your version of Quake for stereo video in your VFX1. Anyone who hasn't become a devoted Quake user yet certainly will after seeing it in its stereoscopic video splendour.

These commands are undocumented as far as we know, so use them at your own risk. If you have any questions e-mail us on
You must have the registered or shareware version of Quake 1.08.
Before launching the game, force the VFX1 driver into stereo mode with "VFX1 +t".
Launch Quake with the VFX1QKE.EXE VFX1 driver.
Choose a screen resolution of 320x480 or 320x400.
Start a game.
Enter the console command area by pressing the tilde "~" button.
Type "lcd_x 1.5" and hit enter.
This puts Quake in line-sequential stereo mode. The stereo effect can be adjusted by using different numbers. 0 will disable it; the higher the number, the greater the separation of the video. Choose a number that is comfortable to view.
Negative numbers may be required depending on the resolution.
The angle from which the views are taken can be adjusted by entering "lcd_yaw #.##" at the console.
Exit the console and play Quake with stereo video.
The screenshots below are what is displayed on your monitor, inside the VFX1 is the true stereoscopic video.

Note: Both these pictures have slightly more than half the vertical resolution of the actual screen resolution..

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