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SpaceOrb 360 Real-Life Controller



Software (Visit the Spacetec SpaceOrb 360 website)

Compatible Games

Game Title Game Title Game Title
Alien Trilogy Gnome Return Fire
Area 51 Hellbender Rise of the Triad
Assassin 2015 Heretic Road Rash
Battletech Hexen Rocket Jockey
Blake Stone Hexen II + GL Hexen II Silent Thunder
Blood Hive Slamscape
Bug! Hyperblade Shadows of the Empire
Corridor 7 Indy Car Racing II Sonic CD
Dark Forces Jedi Knight:
Dark Forces
Spear of Destiny
Deadly Tide MDK + Direct 3D Strife
Descent I & II Mechwarrior II Swiv 3D
Dig Dug Mech 2 Mercenaries Tekwar
Doom I & II Monster Truck Madness Terminal Velocity
Duke Nukem 3D Meta VR demo Terracide
Earthsiege 2 Moto Racer Time Commando
Earthworm Jim Outlaws Virtua Fighter 3D
Fury 3 Pacman Warbirds
Galaxian Pole Position Wolfenstein 3D
Gex Quake + GL Quake + GL Quake World X-Wing
  Redneck Rampage X-Wing Vs Tie Fighter

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Upcoming Games

Game Title Game Title Game Title
Alien Vs Predator Madden PC Quake 2
Axia Mageslayer Quiver
Chasm Mech2 Mercs: 3DFX Rebel Moon Rising
Dark Project Mechwarrior 3 Rebellion
Descent 3 Messiah Redline
Descent to
MicroMachine 3 Return Fire II
Daikatana Millennium 4 Shadow Warrior
Duke Nukem Forever Montezuma's Return Shattered Steel 2
EarthSiege 3   Sim City 3000
Eradicator 2 Myth Sin
Flight Unlimited II Nancy Drew Case Files Sub Culture
Forsaken Nuclear Strike Take No Prisoners
G-Police Planetary Raiders Terminus
Gatherer Pod Terracide
Golgotha Postal Tomb Raider II
Gunmetal Prey Turok
Half-life   Unreal
Heavy Gear    

Latest: Spaceware RealLife 3D software for the SpaceOrb 360 v4.75
Win'95 only [Size=4,046Kb]
spo475.txt: v4.75 readme file [Size=7Kb]

"Compared to the standard mouse and keyboard combo,
it's a gamer's dream come true"
Computer Living

"...the best joystick around for playing any person perspective game. I truly can't live without it...Let's face it, the future is here,
and there's no turning back."
Australian Computer Entertainment Review

"The conventional keyboard, mouse or joystick format is now dead in the water
with the SpaceOrb offering a 360 degree scope on virtually any game around.
The Orb...is brilliant and will improve the gameplay of every game you try."
HM Magazine

"The most gripping way to play Quake!"
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