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27th October 1997

Mindflux - Jason Pang, Director
United Distillers - Glen Brasington

Play Virtual Golf with Johnnie Walker and win a trip to Phuket!

Sydney, NSW – 27 October, 1997 --- Golf players have an opportunity to win a trip for two to Phuket to watch the Johnnie Walker Classic as well as other quality prizes.

There will be three promotions at each of the ten selected venues. The dates of the competition are pending so check back here for the information later. The ten leading venues selected are as follows:

City Hotel New Windsor Hotel Customs House
Greenwood Hotel Ryan’s Bar Commodore Hotel
Brooklyn Hotel The Oaks One World Sport
Woolloomooloo Bay Hotel    

Two promotions will use a synthetic grass putting green as a means of distributing prizes and the third promotion will use our computer golf simulator called the PC GOLF .


Your new weapon...


The PC GOLF will be used with the game Golf Pro 2000. The player will swing the PC GOLF light sensor golf club over the sensor pad which will pick up and measure parameters of the players swing. The players shot will then be displayed on an 8’ by 6’ screen.


Customers that hit the golf ball greater than the specified distance will receive a prize. One winner from each venue will be selected to play off for the trip to Phuket at One World Sport on the 9/12/97. The finalists will play one complete hole and the person with the lowest score will fly to Phuket.

Major Prizes include:
1st place – Trip for two to Phuket, Thailand to watch the Johnnie Walker Classic
2nd place – Johnnie Walker Golf Bag
3rd place – Johnnie Walker Golf Putter

Minor Prizes include:
CD-ROM Computer games, JW Classic Golf Hats, JW Classic Golf Shirts, JW Classic Golf Gloves, caps, T- shirts and Tie-pins.

For your chance to enter, keep checking here for information. You may well be on your way to Phuket, Thailand, compliments of Johnnie Walker, Mindflux and Roadshow Interactive.

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