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Stereoscopic 3D Quake for SimulEyes VR!

VFX1 and i-glasses! users have been lucky to experience stereoscopic Quake for a while now, and it truly is surreal. Now, thanks to the efforts of Christoph Bungert, Stefan Schimanski, Marius Schilder and others, SimulEyes users can now be blown away by Quake and Hexen II in true stereoscopic splendor.

The process of getting stereoscopic 3D for the SimulEyes is somewhat more complicated than for the head-mounted displays because of the drivers that are involved. For more information please visit
Chris' homepage. If you have any questions e-mail us on info@mindflux.com.au or the people mentioned above.

N.B. The following instructions apply to Hexen II as well.


You must have Quake Shareware or Retail version 1.07, 1.08 or 1.09. The usual way is to take version 1.06 and update it with Winquake patch 1.00 resulting in Quake version 1.09. There is also a free upgrade from DOS-QUAKE 1.0x to 1.08.


  SimulEyes and WinQuake (aka Quake 1.09)
Use SGTOGGLE (by Stereographics) to set Windows into interlace and to add a white line code. Unfortunately to make the white line visible only windowed modes are usable.
Set the desktop to 8 bit (256 colors) for optimal performance.
Launch WinQuake.
Check the WinQuake ReadMe for the various options ie.VESA, DirectDraw.
By default only the 320x240 mode works correctly. The 640 and 800 windowed modes are just "blow-ups" which destroy the 3D information by multiplying the lines. You can select these resolutions (and others) by pressing the tilde "~" button to enter the console command area and using these commands:

Console command Effect
vid_stretch_by_2 0 switches the "blow up" off
vid_config_x ### use this to define your own resolution eg.640
vid_config_y ### use this to define your own resolution eg.480
vid_forcemode x to activate the changes

While still in the console type "lcd_x 1.5" and hit enter.
This puts Quake in line-sequential stereo mode. The stereo effect can be adjusted by using different numbers. 0 will disable it; the higher the number, the greater the separation of the video. Choose a number that is comfortable to view.
Negative numbers may be required depending on the resolution.
The angle from which the views are taken can be adjusted by entering "lcd_yaw #.##" at the console.
Usually left at 0.
Go to 'Video Options' and choose the resolution that you have specified. Depnding on your desktop screen resolution you can even use 1024x768.
Exit the console and play Quake with stereo video.


Actual screenshots reduced from 1024x766


  SimulEyes and DOS Quake
Download the SE-DOS-QUAKE tweak and the latest version of the Scitech Display Doctor drivers.
Launch Quake using the following command line:
lcdbios /lcdrun:qlcd 101 101 quake (for S3 cards)
Use PROFILE.EXE from SDD to determine the correct graphics modes.
Read the instructions in qlcd.c for more information.
It may also be possible to use SIMBIOS v1.26 (from Stereographics).
Please read its instructions.
N.B. v1.27 will incorporate page-flipping
Enter 3D mode as mentioned above and enjoy!
Copyright  2006 Mindflux (Jasandre Pty. Ltd.). All rights reserved.
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