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i-glasses TM relax your patients even better than your smiling face!

The most effective way to calm a dental patient is to distract them. Introducing i-glasses TM The best form of patient distraction yet!

They give your patients the illusion of being at the movie theater instead of the dental office. It allows them to truly relax, get their mind off of their mouth and view any video source in your office such as TV, VCR, Laserdisc, intra-oral camera, or even 3-D videos! i-glasses are easy to hook up, nonrestrictive to your procedures and can be worn over eyeglasses.

They can promote more regular visits, lower nitrous costs and increase referrals. Thousands of dentists, hygienists and their patients swear by them and you will too.

"Dentists have discovered a new weapon for fighting plaque and promoting return office visits...via...i-glasses"
--Time Magazine

"Patients request the i-glasses. They love it!"
--Brina Larsen, DDS

"i-glasses take the patients' mind off their mouth."

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Research published in JADA (Journal of the American Dental Association) showed that use of a headset during dental treatment was 'beneficial in the reduction of fear, pain and procedure time'. 
Effects of Audiovisual Distraction During Dental Prophylaxis
Frere C.L., Crout R., Yorty J., McNeil D.W.
JADA The Journal of the American Dental Association, July 2001, vol. 132, no. 7,pp. 1031-1038 (8 pages)

Your patients will experience your commitment to their comfort. In fact, of the thousands of dollars you spend on equipment, this is the one piece of equipment your patients will be sure to notice.

Don't wait and be at a competitive disadvantage! Thousands of your colleagues are already using the most effective patient distraction system available.
Please call us on (02) 9416 9619 for a demonstration.


Benefits of using the i-glasses:
Calms and relaxes patients Promotes return visits
Easily adjusts to fit almost any patient Easy to hook-up and use
Complete portable systems Reduced need for nitrous oxide
View TV, VCR, intra-oral camera View true 3-D
Lightweight (only 8 ounces) Nonrestrictive to most procedures
6 month warranty


Deana wearing the i-glasses
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