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MindRender® Virtual Reality Explorer Kit (VREK)

ThemeKit ® have spent the last three years developing and perfecting the MindRender® Virtual Reality Explorer Kit (VREK), an MS-DOS based program developed using our own Application Programming Interface, for the MindRender Graphics Engine. The VREK is a toolbox made up of various components needed to build models and environments for complete interactive VR worlds. The toolbox is divided into three distinct tools. MindFormer, MindSetter, MindViewer


MindFormer is the modelling tool for creating individual objects to incorporate into your VR worlds. MindFormer offers outstanding functionality and it is possible to create exciting real time 3D models without a high specification PC. MindFormer includes over 550 different command types, many with sub-menus plus 27 interactive information pages, offering functions from basic creation of primitives such as cubes, spheres, cones and planes to complex functions such as extrusion, powerful and versatile texture mapping tools, real time Phong specular highlighting, layered modelling and animation to name just a few. However the greatest benefit of MindFormer is the ease with which you can create objects and, once created, the versatility of the manipulation tools. MindFormer supports stereoscopic viewing for many of the available VR peripherals on the market, such as the
VFX1, SimulEyes VR, i-glasses, SpaceOrb 360, 5DT Glove, Cyberpuck and more, which allow you to see the objects you have built in true stereoscopic adding depth and realism to your creations.

The second tool in the toolkit is a scene designer, this is the world building tool MindSetter. MindSetter is the main tool for building environments. You can create a virtual space then place objects generated in MindFormer or retrieved from the Internet in VRML into the space to create a complete VR environment. Once the objects are in the scene you can duplicate, scale, move them or add interaction. Interaction can be achieved in several ways, for example selection, by clicking on or selecting an object, time induced interaction or object collision. Full support for animation created in MindFormer is also included.

MindSetter is the ultimate tool for users of low cost VR headsets allowing immersive scene design, it supports all the VR peripherals below with full stereoscopic support for the visual devices as well as headtracking where available. Full finger flexure support for the 5DT Glove ia also included as is support for joystick and mouse input. Click on the image on the left to see screen shots from MindSetter.

MindViewer is the viewer that allows you to view the worlds you have built with MindSetter and MindFormer, as well as allowing you to share them with others. As with MindSetter it supports the various VR Peripherals mentioned earlier. MindViewer is freeware and available for

Compatible VR Hardware

Hardware Stereoscopic
3D video
Stereo Sound Pitch Yaw Roll Other
VFX1 Headgear Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  
I-glasses! Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  
SimulEyes VR Yes No No No No  
5DT Glove No No Yes No Yes Finger Flexure
Joystick or Mouse No No Yes Yes Yes X and Y are
Cyberpuck No No Yes No Yes  
Latest: MindViewer v2.4 [Size=1,534,765 bytes]
MVManual.zip: MindViewer user manual and installation instructions
Word format [Size=32,079 bytes]
MindFormer Demo v2.0 (Posted 26th May 1997) [Size=1592126 bytes]
readme.txt [Size=about 24K Bytes]
MindRender Demo v4.4 (Posted 31st July 1997) [Size=1383638 Bytes]
Installation instructions
readme.txt [Size=3868 bytes]

These last two files are not available any more.

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