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H3D Eyewear




The H3D PC system consists of a VGA pass-thru adapter, infra-red remote transmitter, and 1 pair of eyewear.



H3D Eyewear
Size: 5.1 cm (d) x 15.2 cm (w) x 5.4cm (h) (when closed)
Lenses: 270 STN liquid crystal shutters
Field Rate: 50 Hz through 144Hz
Features: Wireless (untethered) - no physical connection to PC.

Built in H3D flicker reduction technology for maximum viewing comfort on standard 50/60 Hz television systems.

H3D Eyewear adjusts to fit most face sizes and glasses.

Lightweight; designed for maximum comfort.

Systems Supported: Any standard PC or workstation (Some titles require 3Dfx card)
Lens Sizes: Regular for standard TV's and computer monitors.
Larger size design 4Q98.
Weight: 39g (1.38 oz.) maximum
Signal Transmission:  Untethered—no physical connection to system.
Signal transmitted via remote infrared signal emitted from any H3D Transmitter.
Power: Two standard CR2032 coin-cell batteries (included)
Battery Life: 190 hours typical
On/Off Mechanism: Turns on when Eyewear is put on; turns off when removed



H3D Transmitter
Size: 18.4 cm (w) x 10.1 cm (d) x 3.2 cm (h)
On/Off Mechanism: On when plugged in
Features: For use with H3D Eyewear
Power: From H3D-compatible jack, through cable (included) 5 to 35 volts DC, 50 mA
Connection from Transmitter: DIN 3 cable connects to adapter (included)
IR Cone: 35 half angle; switchable 5 ft. (short range) or 15 ft. (long range)
Power: Gets power from adapter



H3D adaptor
Features: External hardware-only solution that allows any PC, regardless of graphics/monitor capability, to display H3D-compatible images

Easy installation - just plug the H3D Adapter between the computer and the monitor

Systems Supported: Any VGA-capable PC with a monitor capable of running at refresh rates of 120Hz
Available Models: Standard Adapter for consumer use
Signal Transmission:  Installs between computer's VGA connection and VGA monitor
Communication with Eyewear: Via H3D TC100-H3D Transmitter (plugs into Adapter)
Power: 240V AC to 9V DC at 200mA voltage transformer (included)


Operating Systems:
- Windows 95/98
- WindowsNT - H3D support for NT is currently in the beta stage.


- With a Voodoo Graphics or Voodoo 2 card your monitor needs to be capable of a vertical refresh rate of 120Hz.
- With a Voodoo Rush or Rendition card, your monitor needs to support a refresh rate of 85Hz.
Check you monitor's design specifications to be sure.
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