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i-glasses SVGA 3D

i-glasses 3D





Finally! You can put a super-high-resolution, big screen TV/PC Monitor in your pocket. i-glasses SVGA™ is a portable, affordable, high resolution, computer monitor and big screen video viewer, all in a compact, 7 oz package that fits comfortably on your head. Big stereo sound through built-in private speakers completes the experience. The all-new i-glasses SVGA is plug and play compatible with virtually all computer and video entertainment systems including PC's, video games, laptops, portable DVD players, camcorders, VCR's - even some popular PDAs. Video images are sharp and clear. Computer images are rich and vibrant. This one incredible product provides a single viewing solution for a whole new generation of portable computing, video entertainment, and PDA devices. i-glasses SVGA. For working on the road or relaxation, it's a great experience you have got to try. 


Open your eyes to a whole new reality. i-O Display Systems' i-glasses! give you a crystal clear full color video image - it's like having a personal 80-inch screen with you all the time. What's more, with the Hi-Fi stereo sound, you'll wonder how you could go back to anything less.

i-O Display Systems' i-glasses! give you a big screen, full color view while allowing you peripheral vision as well as see-through capability. Only i-O Display Systems' i-glasses! deliver the big screen experiences with a minimized risk of vertigo or motion sickness, and can be worn with eyeglasses. For immersive applications, use our unique Blastvisor (simply clip it on the i-glasses!) to create a highly immersive experience. Adjustable brightness, contrast, tint, colour and sharpness of the display.

Hyperspace to another universe, fly in a flight simulation, watch a 3-D movie or prepare a business presentation - our stunning 3-D capability adds a whole new dimension to wherever you're travelling or whatever you're watching.

Concentrate on the content.
i-O Display Systems i-glasses! are so light, you can forget you have them on. Weighing in at a mere 8 ounces, you can enjoy your video or PC experience as long as you want.

To use the i-glasses with a PC requires video-out from your graphics card. Scan converters are available separately. Scan converters with filter controls are required for 3D applications with the i-glasses 3D.

Features (For more information about these features, see the i-glasses! specifications)
Adustable display settings inc. brightness, contrast, tint, colour & sharpness  NEW! Opaque display
BlastVisor (for immersion)
High Fidelity Stereo Headphones Six Month Warranty
3D Stereoscopic Imaging Ergonomic Design


The video version of the i-glasses is being used by thousands of dentists all over the world as a dental distraction device. Distracting the patient keeps them calm, and makes them want to come back. This is the device that patients ask for by name.

Research published in JADA (Journal of the American Dental Association) showed that use of a headset during dental treatment was 'beneficial in the reduction of fear, pain and procedure time'. 
Effects of Audiovisual Distraction During Dental Prophylaxis
Frere C.L., Crout R., Yorty J., McNeil D.W.
JADA The Journal of the American Dental Association, July 2001, vol. 132, no. 7,pp. 1031-1038 (8 pages)

While the Video version does not include a head tracker, the PC version does. Its modular design means that you can always get the tracking system later.

Here are some games and applications that support the i-glasses, tracking software and utilities and drivers for existing games, including the Win95 DirectInput drivers!!.
The list of supported software is not expected to grow substantially due to the lack of support and drivers, though this may change in the future.

If you are a developer and looking to produce software for the i-O Display Systems i-glasses!, here is the i-glasses! Software Development Kit (SDK) (2.5Mb) and the SDK documentation.

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