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i-glasses SVGA







Field of View

26 degrees diagonal

Image Size

76" at 13'

Colour depth

24 bit input

IPD adjustment

None required


13' TBR

Exit pupil

17mm (H) x 6mm (V)

Eye relief

Convergence 7'10", 100% Overlap, TBR
VGA / SVGA / XVGA Input Scaled to SVGA (800 x 600)
Refresh Rate Flicker Free 120hz
Audio Full Stereo
Weight < 7 Ounces
Control Features On / Off, Volume Control
Power Supply 100-240V AC Power Cube
Audio 1/8"
Power Barrel Connector
Adjustments Adjustable headstrap
Optional Devices Head Tracker eg. InterTrax 2
V-box - video to VGA converter
Stereoscopic 3D Must be used at 800x600 at 60-100Hz



Video: RCA or S-video video source eg. video, laserdisc, camcorder.
Audio: stereo RCA source


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