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LaserGolf - The closest you'll come to the game of golf!

Large in-game shot




How does it work?

Laser Golf uses the Light Club in combination with a Sensor Mat, which is attached to the PC via a cable to a USB port - (Easy Plug and Play installation).

Man about to swing club over base unit

USB port

When switched on, the Light Club emits a beam of red light which projects a shape like the head of a driver - a 'D' shape. You take a shot by lining up to 'hit' a golf ball placed on top of the sensor mat. As you swing the Light Club over the ball, the light beam passes over detectors in the sensor mat which in turn trigger a sequence of pulses to the game software running on the PC. This allows the software to calculate clubhead speed, the angle and position of the club at impact, the resulting backspin and sidespin on the golf ball, and the direction of the follow-through

Image showing velocity, point of impact and direction of ball travel

This data is then used by game software (currently the most advanced of real-time 3D-accelerated golf terrain software) to create a realistic 3D picture of your shot as it flies over the course - so you see true TV-style coverage of all your golf shots. This adds a completely new dimension to the golfing experience that you really have to see!


* USB connection for base unit
* Four AA batteries for club head


IBM compatible PC Windows 98,ME, 2000 or XP with USB port
266MHz Pentium II processor with 32MB memory
Video 3D hardware accelerator with 16MB memory
DirectX 8.0 and 16bit sound card


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