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Virtual Encounter Box Cover
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Virtual EncounterTM is two programs in one, a high resolution, 3D WindowsTM screen saver and an animation viewer. Both let you behold 23 eye catching, incredible, 3D rendered experiences, while the animation viewer lets you witness these incredible encounters in stereoscopic 3D on a Head Mounted Display (HMD) or shutter glasses.

Virtual Encounter is written to take full advantage of today's high end systems. Along with Windows 3.1 support, a 32 bit engine for Windows 95 gives you one of the first 3D rendered screen savers that takes advantage of the new technology. Virtual Encounter blends 3D animations with a new age soundtrack to create "one of a kind" adventures. You will also enjoy 150Mb of high resolution images that can be used as wallpaper for your screen. There has never been a screen saver like Virtual Encounter.
Celtic Firedance Mayan Ziggurat Pool Table

Over 40 minutes of spectacular 3D animation. Synchronised new age music sound track and special effects.
High resolution images for Windows wallpapering. VR stereoscopic ready for the VFX1 Headgear, i-glasses! HMD and SimulEyes VR

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Virtual Encounter is published by Elgin Interactive. At their website, you can find:

Shark Demo

Virtual Encounter has seen some slight improvements since its original release. Depending on your configuration, it could be worth downloading the updates.

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