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A precise optical tracker for the most demanding tracking environments. Designed for head and object tracking in simulator, medical and 3D visualization applications. laserBIRD's scanner continuously scans the work space. Its sensor instantly senses the laser beams. Signals are then directed back to the scanner's DSP electronics for processing and output of position and orientation data to a host computer.

laserBIRD is a general-purpose motion tracker suitable for many applications. Biomedical references in this document are examples of what medical companies have done with Ascension trackers after obtaining all necessary medical certifications. Ascension trackers are not certified for use in medicine without the end user/OEM complying with all pertinent FDA/CE regulatory requirements.

LaserBIRD has a unique prediction algorithm that predicts position and orientation data up to 50ms into the future. This is ideal for situations like flight simulators that have significant lag in the image generator.

Unique prediction capability:
As with any prediction algorithm, the more you predict into the future, the more noise is introduced into the data stream. What makes the laserBIRD prediction capability unique is that the user can select individual prediction parameters (X, Y, Z, Azimuth, Elevation, Roll) so it is only predicting motion along axis of interest and therefore reducing data degradation.


  • Head/object tracking in simulators & virtual/augmented reality systems
  • Real-time navigation in image-guided medical procedures
  • Instrument tracking in surgical applications
  • Guidance & control of robotic devices
  • Biomechanical measurement and feedback


Scanning laser beam technology
  • No metallic distortion, drift, noise or acoustic interference. Ambient light resistant.
1mm Accuracy
  • Highest precision of all optical trackers.
Unique Prediction Capability
  • Customizable prediction parameters. Only predicts motion along axis of interest.
Measurement rate of 240 meas/sec
  • Instantaneous tracking solution without discernable lag.
Prediction to 50ms
  • Reduces “motion sickness”.



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Degrees of Freedom: 6 (Position and Orientation)
Scanner Field of View: ± 50° horizontal
± 60° vertical to 0.75m
± 54° vertical to 1.2m
Measurement Rate 240 Hz
Lag Tracking response: 5.17 ms; All filters off
Step Response: 9.34 ms.
RS-232 Reporting Time 1.1 ms; 115.2 k Baud, Position and Euler Angles
Prediction Capability Yes - customizable up to 50 ms
Note: Specifications are given as sensor is between 43cm and 106cm from scanner unit.
Sensor Position
Operating Distance 0.25 m to 1.83 m
Accuracy @ 1m 1.0 mm RMS; AVG filter on
Static Resolution @1m 0.1 mm
Sensor Angles
Angle Range Sensor directly in front of scanner: ± 85° Azimuth, Elevation, ± 180° Roll
Accuracy @ 1m 1° RMS; AVG filter on
Static Resolution @ 1m 0.05° Sensor Position
Scanner Dimensions (L x W x H) 32 cm x 9 cm x 4 cm
Scanner Weight 1.53 kg
Sensor Dimensions (L x W x H) 10 cm x 9 cm x 1 cm
Sensor Weight 40 g


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