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Data Glove 5 / 5-W

5DT Data Glove 5 / 5DT Data Glove 5-W



Affordable finger-bend glove

The 5DT Data Glove 5 measures finger flexure (1 sensor per finger) and the orientation (pitch and roll) of the user's hand. It can emulate a mouse and can be used as a baseless joystick. The system interfaces with the computer via a cable to the serial port (RS 232 - platform independent). It features 8-bit flexure resolution, extreme comfort, low drift and an open architecture.

The 5DT Data Glove 5-W is the wireless (untethered) version of the 5DT Data Glove 5. The wireless system interfaces with the computer via a radio link (up to 20m distance) on the serial port (RS 232).

Move easily through your virtual world by combining hand gestures with the pitch and roll of your hand. Breakthrough pricing, new features, open architecture and software support have made it the glove of choice.


pdficon.gif (224 bytes) 5DT Data Glove series information


Affordable quality Mouse emulation mode
Extreme comfort"One size fits many" Platform independent - RS-232 interface
High update rate Low drift
8-bit flexure resolution per finger Right & Left hand versions available
Built-in pitch & roll sensor Bundled software
Wireless version available Support for VR world building programs including Themekit VREK, Superscape VRT and Sense8.


A body instrument package developed specifically for the 5th Glove. It converts finger flexure and hand orientation to music using MIDI commands, which can the be played out by any MIDI device e.g. a sound card. A virtual piano, horn, trumpet and drum set are already available as input controls which can be mapped to any MIDI instrument existing on either your MIDI compatible sound card or external synthesizer.

Mouse Emulation
A utility that emulates a standard Microsoft serial mouse on the hardware level. Default hand gestures have been defined to emulate left and right button clicks as well as double clicks. The glove will retain any user defined gestures and continue to operate as a mouse until the power is cycled.

Glove View
Demo program illustrating some of the applications of the 5th Glove. This program utilizes a 3-D manipulation scheme which enables a user to navigate a virtual world and to manipulate objects with gesture recognition.

Developer's Software


Bend Sensing Method Fully-Enclosed Fiber Optic Bend Sensors
Number of Sensors Five (one per finger)
Resolution 8-bits (256 positions/finger)
+/- 60 Pitch & Roll
Output Interface Serial Port, RS-232 (3-wire)
19.2 kbaud (full duplex)
Sampling Rate 200 hz per finger
Tracking Integrated Pitch & Roll Sensor
Glove Fitting Right & Left Hand versions; "One size fits many"
Calibration Routine Open & Close hand; each user
Software Bundled Windows 32 bit DLL w/installation routines, Mouse Emulation, Raw Data Viewer, polygonal graphics hand model with C++ source code, KineMusica MIDI output program.
Power Supply 9v DC Center Positive


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