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ARvision-3D Goggles


ARvision 3D Goggles


Power Unit






Cameras: 2x, color, PAL resolution, 1/3" CMOS (optional VGA progressive scan)
Convergence: manually adjustable
Focus: manually adjustable
Iris: fixed
Standard lens: 6mm (0.9x vision), changeable by user
Displays: 2x SVGA microdisplays 480,000 pixels colour equals 1,440,000 pixels
Display Color: 18 bit (time-sequential)
Refresh Rate: flicker free 120 Hz (360 Hz time sequential color)
Overlap: 100%
Field of view: approx. 40 diagonal (4:3, 32 horiz, 24 vert)
Eye distance (IPD): 60-70 mm adjustable
Eye-Relief: 18mm
Oculars: XL
Operating temperature: -10C to +40C
Cable length: 1.2m
Weight: 230g
Dimensions (W/H/D): 155mm/50mm/90mm

Power Unit:

Stereo: 2 independent channels (no sync needed)
Brightness: manually adjustable
Contrast: manually adjustable
IR-light: manually switchable
Digital magnifier: built-in electronic zoom 8x
Mode switch: 5 modes
Basic mode: with built-in camera
Second mode: same + digital zoom
Third mode: Composite video, S-video in NTSC or PAL
Fourth mode: external video zoomed
Fifth mode: SVGA (from PC) 800 x 600@ 60/75/80/100Hz
Video out: 2x camera PAL (optional VGA, USB 2.0 progressive scan, 48fps bayerpattern)
Weight: approx. 480 g (incl. battery)
Dimensions (W/H/D): 105mm/155mm/43mm
Battery: changeable + rechargeable Ni-MH 6V/2, 1Ah
Charging time: approx. 50 min, with enclosed power supply
Operating time: approx. 2h based on standard batteries

Subject to technical modifications


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