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SynthaGram Monitor


SynthaGram Monitor





The StereoGraphics SynthaGramô Glasses-Free 3D monitor provides extremely clear, bright, and crisp Stereo3D still and moving images, without the use of special eyewear. The SynthaGram monitor is especially suited for wide-angle electronic 3D signage and exhibits in public spaces such as In-Store Retail Displays, Tradeshow Booths and Interactive Kiosks, Arcades, Museums, Gaming, Theme Parks, and Corporate Lobbies.

StereoGraphics offers the most complete and technologically advanced range of autostereoscopic products. StereoGraphics has four SynthaGram models available, each with its ideal applications


  • SynthaGram 222
    The SynthaGram 222 is the highest resolution 3D LCD monitor available at a phenomenal 3840 x 2400. This monitor is the cutting edge in autostereoscopic technology and offers exceptional 3D images for scientific/medical users and wherever the image clarity is critical.
  • SynthaGram 202
    The SynthaGram 202 is our mid-range monitor with high resolution (1600 x 1200). It can be used for both desktop and countertop displays such as Retail Point of Purchase or Tradeshow Booths.
  • SynthaGram 182
    The SynthaGram 182 has a resolution of 1280 x 1024, and is designed for desktop displays and special applications such as arcades and gaming.


  • Premier microlens array technology, unlike other systems that use raster barriers. The microlens array approach creates images that are dramatically brighter and without surface reflections and distracting pattern noise common in raster barrier displays
  • Monitor includes DVI cables and power supply
  • Graphics card and drivers included provide high definition Digital Video output (needed for autostereo display) and supports a second standard monitor
  • The SynthaGram comes with everything needed to playback Stereo3D content, including the SynthaGram Player and a compatible graphics card. The SynthaGram Player allows content to be played on any SynthaGram Monitor
  • A robust SDK is available allowing software developers to add SynthaGram monitor support to their existing applications


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