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Monitor ZScreen 2000







Designed for engineers, scientists, cartographers and medical professionals for viewing complex 3D computer graphics models, Monitor ZScreen 2000 and 2000i use Stereo3D technology to provide the most realistic representation possible. The Monitor ZScreen 2000 Series is ideal for GIS/mapping applications, molecular modeling, and medical applications, particularly for dual display systems and  small group visualization. The Monitor ZScreen 2000 Series is the most versatile Stereo3D imaging solution available.

Monitor ZScreen 2000/2000i is a stereoscopic visualization system comprising a stereoscopic panel and polarized eyewear. The panel is affixed to a standard computer monitor to deliver Stereo3D visualization capabilities. In conjunction with stereo-ready software, Monitor ZScreen circularly polarizes the left and right eye images in opposing directions. When the corresponding passive polarized eyewear are worn, these independent images are transmitted to each eye and the viewer sees a Stereo3D image.

Because the Monitor ZScreen 2000 Series is used with passive polarized eyewear, enabling its use in multi-display environments, it is a cost-effective solution for small-group collaboration and design review environments.


  • Enables high-resolution Stereo3D visualization for increased productivity and improved accuracy.
  • Eyewear can be worn for extended periods without fatigue and can be easily sterilized for medical applications.
  • Provides cost-effective Stereo3D for small-group collaboration.


Bezel-Mounted Shroud
  • The Monitor ZScreen 2000 Series incorporates a light-weight bezel-mounted shroud that wraps around workstation displays.
Wider Field of View
  • The Monitor ZScreen 2000 Series offers a larger viewing area without an overall increase in size.
Improved Speed and Efficiency
  • The Monitor ZScreen 2000  Series offers faster start-up and instant response to stereo signals.
No Visible Screen Segmentation
  • Yields a clean, artifact-free view.
Excellent Separation of Stereo Images
  • Yields crisp, high-definition stereoscopic images.
Ideal for Multiple Display Environments
  • Because the Monitor ZScreen 2000  Series utilizes passive eyewear, the negative effects normally experienced utilizing multiple displays are eliminated.
Employs Lightweight Polorized Eyewear
  • Includes three pairs of polarized eyewear - two regular and one clip-on.
Extensive System Compatibility
  • The Monitor ZScreen 2000 Series is compatible with all UNIX and Windows NT workstations* as well as LINUX systems*. Compatible with most 19", 20" and 21" computer monitors.
Compatible with All Stereo3D Applications
  • Gives universal stereo-ready application compatibility and supports over 60 professional software applications for GIS/mapping, molecular modeling, medical imaging, mechanical CAD, product simulation, industrial VR and more.
*Requires stereo-ready graphics card and driver.

Light Transmission: 32%
Field Rate: 40Hz to 200Hz
Frame Material: Extruded Box Section Aluminum in plastic bezel
Operating Temperature: 0C to +70 C
Storage Temperature: -50C to +125C
Power Supply: 18 VAC, 2VA external
Viewing Area: 15.5 x 11.75
Width: 20.125
Depth: 3.25
Height: 16.5(Monitor ZScreen 2000)
17.25 (Monitor ZScreen 2000i with integrated electronics)
Weight: 4.0 lbs. (without controller, Monitor ZScreen 2000)
4.2 lbs. (without cables, Monitor ZScreen 2000i with integrated electronics)


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