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CrystalEyes® 3







Stereo3D Visualization for CAVEs, Theaters and Immersive Environments.

CrystalEyes 3 is the industry standard for engineers and scientists who develop, view and manipulate 3D computer graphics models in CAVEs, theaters and immersive environments. CrystalEyes 3 is the leader for 3D visualization in molecular modeling, virtual prototyping, and aerial photography/mapping. For example, all of the major auto manufacturers use CrystalEyes 3 for virtual design review of new cars

CrystalEyes is a lightweight, wireless set of liquid crystal shutter eyewear for Stereo3D imaging in engineering and scientific applications. The product delivers high-definition, stereoscopic 3D images on all major UNIX platforms and Windows 2000/NT/XP in CAVEs, theaters and immersive environments in conjunction with compatible software and standard workstation displays. CrystalEyes is activated by an infrared emitter that connects to the user’s workstation.

CrystalEyes is supported by most professional software applications used in product visualization and simulation, molecular modeling, GIS/mapping and medical imaging.


  • Reduces errors by allowing more accurate visualization of complex 3D images
  • Enhances design review and allows earlier Stereo3D visualization of models
  • Accelerates time-to-market


Battery Indicator Light
  • Alerts user when to replace batteries
  • Multiple fit options provide greater comfort and accommodate a wide array of users. At 3.3 oz. (93 grams), CrystalEyes is as comfortable as a pair of eyeglasses
Increased Warranty Term
  • CrystalEyes now carries a 3-year warranty
Easy Installation
  • CrystalEyes is supported on every major UNIX platform and NT workstation.* Emitter installation requires only a simple cable connection
Image Quality
  • CrystalEyes delivers a typical dynamic range of 1500:1 ensuring a realistic, high-resolution, ghost-free color image
Multi-User Capability
  • An infrared emitter synchronizes CrystalEyes eyewear with the stereoscopic image allowing for any number of users to simultaneously use CrystalEyes with complete freedom of movement
Video Compatibility
  • View stereo video images on stereo-ready color displays in real-time
Extensive System Compatibility
  • CrystalEyes is compatible with all UNIX workstations including those from Silicon Graphics Inc., Hewlett-Packard, Sun Microsystems, IBM, Compaq Alpha and Windows workstations*
Broad Software Support
  • Nearly every major solid modeling/prototyping, molecular modeling, industrial VR and GIS software application supports CrystalEyes. The list of applications includes products from Tripos, Accelrys, Schroedinger, Z/I Imaging and many others
*Requires stereo-ready graphics card and driver.


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