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Software included with the Righteous 3D:
Mechwarrior 2 Scorched Planet Trial version
Descent II: Destination Quartzon 3D Hellbender Trial version
Actua Soccer Monster Truck Madness
Fatal Racing Righteous 3D demos and Direct3D Control Panel with Gamma Correction

Software support for the Righteous 3D is phenomenal!

There are over
40 games that support the card now and over 70 games that are due out very soon.
The latest games that support the Righteous 3D include Quake, Descent 2, Wipeout XL, Interstate 76, Pod, EF2000, Hyperblade, Mechwarrior 2: Mercenaries and many more.



Special Achievement in Hardware for 1996
"Righteous 3D offers some of the fastest 3D graphics and delivers it
with spectacular results with the 3Dfx chip."
Online Gaming Review, Jan '97

"I Guess Orchid Knows Something Diamond Doesn't!"
"Our testing showed the Righteous 3D pulling out ahead of the other
cards in the lineup."
Game Demo Depot, Dec '96

boot Verdict: 91%
"The 3Dfx Voodoo Graphics chipset is at the top of the heap of the
game quality 3D graphics accelerators"
boot Magazine, Nov '96

And too many more to mention here!
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