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Precision Orientation Reference System
The InertiaCube2 is the world’s smallest inertial orientation reference system. Providing full 360° sourceless tracking in all axes, the InertiaCube2 integrates nine discrete, miniature sensing elements with advanced Kalman filtering algorithms. Its simple serial or USB interface with support software provides a rapid development cycle for OEM applications.

Ideal for head tracking in simulation and training applications, the InertiaCube2 is also being integrated in to systems for navigation of robotic & autonomous vehicles, 3D medical imaging, virtual & augmented reality, antenna & platform stabilization, location-based entertainment and attitude & heading reference systems.
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World’s smallest inertial orientation reference system Windows 98, 2000, NT, XP, and CE dynamic link library available
Full integration of nine sensing elements ensures maximum accuracy, sensitivity and stability Monolithic electronic design for superior alignment accuracy
Sourceless tracking provides full 360º range and eliminates line-of-sight restrictions Linux, IRIX and Mac OS X shared object libraries available
Advanced signal processing provides magnetic immunity Software libraries interfaces up to 4 InertiaCube2's to application
Fast 115 kbaud rate and 180 Hertz update rate eliminates tracker induced lag Windows control and connectivity software provides sensor configuration, network interface and joystick emulation
Motion prediction, adjustable rotational sensitivity and control of output data filtering allows fine tuning for specific application Optional USB Adapter provides direct connectivity to USB ports
Connects directly to the PC’s RS-232 serial connector CE compliant and UL approved
  New Features
New Joystick Emulation
IServer reads tracker data in real time and passes it to an InterSense Joystick Driver, where it becomes available to all applications capable of reading joystick through the DirectInput interface.
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