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"Step Inside" your 3D Studio Max & VIZ Models using the Power of Virtual Reality

As part of the Autodesk® Developer Network, IIS has created an exciting new plugin for 3D Studio Max® and 3D Studio Viz®. Finally there is a simple way inside the digital world with MAXimum3D™. MAXimum3D allows you to actually "Step Inside" your digital designs. MAXimum3D is a real-time rendering tool within 3D Studio Max, which allows you to launch a full screen interactive view of your 3D model, with the click of a button.

Complete the plugin with an IIS Virtual Reality System and MAXimum3D becomes a virtual "HOLO-Deck" on your desktop. With the click of the mouse, you can now launch a full screen view of your model, in stereoscopic 3D. Use your IIS Cyberpuck to navigate through the environment or select a path camera to take a virtual tour of your creation. Experience your 3D Studio Max models like never before, with MAXimum3D.

MAXimum3D & The VFX3D
Whether you are a 3D Modeler or Architect, it is now possible to interact in real time using theMAXimum3D plugin and the VFX3D Head Mounted Display. The VFX3D is a fully integrated Head Mounted Display. Complete with 360,000-pixel 3D Displays and a head-tracking feature, that allows the wearer to see where they look. 3D Studio Max, MAXimum3D, and the VFX3D are the perfect combination for creating and exploring Virtual worlds in full 3D.



MAXimum3D will bring your 3D models to life by supporting many standard 3D Studio Max features:

- Animation - Texture Mapping
- Lighting - Morphing

And adding advanced features like:

- Animated Path and Free Cameras - Environment Effects
- Portals within or to external models - Triggered Animations
- 3D Sounds  

Your models will also be portable, allowing you to send the interactive results to your associates or potential customers.

MAXimum3D now allows you to add and interact with animations breaking 3D Studio Max's Linear Animation Loop. A drop down menu allows you to control and keep track of the animations you have added. Add 3D sounds to your model. Insert a description of the architecture as you are guided through a house, triggered as you near the objects, all in 3D. The Portal feature allows you to jump to other Max files from the primary model. This will keep the frame rate high and the realism intact and allow multiple developers to work on the same project. The portal feature allows never ending world sizes to be created. Finally, you can now export your creation as an independent file that will run without having 3D Studio Max on your pc. It is then possible send it to all of your customers, allowing them to view the file at their leisure. A powerful tool for anyone that makes 3D Models their business.



* vfx3d20.zip - v2.0 of the VFX3D Installation software
* vfx3d_b2_6.zip - Beta VFX3D 2.6 drivers for Win 98/2000
* vfx3dsdk110.zip - VFX3D SDK
* VFXRealiView.exe - Realimation RealiView plug-in
* MAXimum3D_demo.exe - MAXimum 3D demo to use the VFX3D with 3D Studio Max
* MAXimum3D_examples.zip - Examples to use with MAXimum 3D
* QT_VFX3D_v15_exe.zip - Allows you to view QuickTimeVR files with the VFX3D
* vfx3d_ipix.zip - Allows you to view IPIX files with the VFX3D
* vfx3d165.zip - v1.65 of the VFX3D Installation software
* vfx3d160.zip - v1.60 of the VFX3D Installation software


  Minimum System Requirements:

IBM compatible PC running MS Windows 98 / Windows 2000*
Pentium 300 Mhz processor
64 Mb of RAM
3D accelerated video card (8 Mb RAM)
Microsoft DirectX 7.X
DirectX compatible Sound Card
3D Studio MAX R3 or 3D Studio VIZ R3

Recommended System Requirements:

IBM compatible PC running MS Windows 98 / Windows 2000*
Pentium 500 Mhz processor
128 Mb of RAM
3D accelerated video card (32 Mb RAM or higher)
IIS Virtual Reality Head Mounted Display System
Microsoft DirectX 7.X
DirectX compatible Sound Card
3D Studio MAX R3 or 3D Studio VIZ R3

*Sorry Windows NT is not supported
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