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P5 Glove


The P5 is an innovative, glove-like peripheral device, based upon proprietary bend sensor and remote tracking technologies, that provides users total intuitive interaction with 3D and virtual environments, such as games, websites and educational software.

Brandish a mighty sword in a video game, walk through an online room, or pick up objects on screen - with the power of P5 in your hands, you can fully harness the potential of today's lifelike 3D and virtual gaming environments like never before.

While future editions of the P5 will accommodate a broad range of uses, the premier edition has been specifically designed to enhance the PC game-playing experience and provides users with these extraordinary features:



Our special premier edition features 3 new P5-enabled free games including Hitman 2, Tiger Hunt and a demo version of Beach Head 2002

Hitman 2Tiger HuntBeach Head 2002


Fully USB compliant, the premier edition of the P5 is compatible with the PC as well as Mac OS 9 and below, though no Mac game software is currently available. Future editions of the P5 will be compatible with popular game consoles such as PS2 and Xbox.

  • Lightweight, ergonomic design for easy, intuitive play. Weighs just 4.5 oz.

  • The first widely available virtual 3D controller

  • Mouse-mode compatible with any application

  • 6 degrees of tracking (X, Y, Z, Yaw, Pitch and Roll) to ensure realistic movement - most trackball, joystick and mouse controllers offer only 2 degrees of freedom

  • Bend-sensor and optical-tracking technology to provide true-to-life mobility

  • Easy, plug-and-play setup - plugs right into the USB port of your PC

  • Infrared control receptor with scratch-resistant, anti-reflective lens

  • East-to-use anywhere - desktop, living room, etc...


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