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CYVIZ xpo2


xpo Stereo 3D Converters





The xpo ‘Stereo 3D Converters’ enable high-end stereoscopic 3d visualization using standard LCD and DLP projectors and a regular PC workstation. Thereby, providing a more flexible solution with higher quality visualization at a fraction of the cost. The CYVIZ xpo series is the only ‘Stereo 3D Converters’ on the market today.

The xpo ‘Stereo 3D Converters’ provides higher quality visualisation by utilizing the latest LCD and DLP projectors to display passive stereoscopic 3d. Because LCD and DLP projectors are designed specifically for digital data and video, they rendered the digital computer image sharper and more accurate than any existing active CRT solutions.

The xpo ‘Stereo 3D Converters’ are exceedingly flexible since they work independently of both source and projectors. Consequently, they are compatible with the standard stereo signal output of any computer and can be applied with any projector type, regardless of brand. Moreover, the xpo ‘Stereo 3D Converters’ can be combined with existing active CRT solutions because they use the same signal.

Further possible areas of usage are Head Mounted Displays, Side-by-Side Projector Installations (“Powerwalls”), front and rear projection with screen size up to 500", portable 3d solutions from 5 kg including projectors.


xpo2 Stereo 3D Converters

dimensions Size: ( 67 x 212 x 242 )mm
Weight: approx. 1,5 kg
resolutions 640 x 480 to 1280 x 1024
functions RS-232 control
Supports control of up to 9 converters from the same RS-232 port
Single mode (sets one of the output channels in black)
Manual control of stereo sync
Programmable custom modes
compatibility HV (separate sync), CS (composite sync), SOG (sync on green)
PC compatibles, workstations
Frame sequential stereo3D
Vertical Scan: 60 - 120 Hz
Horizontal scan: 15-110 KHz
inputs 15 - 25 VDC, 2OW
VGA 15-pin DSUB female
3-pin mini DIN stereo sync connector
RJ45 port with RS232 and RS485 control
RJ45 chain RS485 control
outputs 2 x VGA 15-pin DSUB female, left and right channel
2 x digital DVI, left and right channel
1 x VGA 15-pin DSUB female, monitor redraw
supplied material Power adapter 100/240 VAC -19 VDC 2, 36A
RGB computer cable (15 pin DSUB male/male)
Serial RS-232 cable, RJ45 to 9-pin DSUB female
Stereo sync cable, 3-pin miniDIN to 3-pin miniDIN
10 pair of polarized glasses
1 pair of polarized filters (75 x 75 mm)
Filter stand
User’s guide


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